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3 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Your Best Travel Companion

By March 31, 2017July 27th, 2018One Comment

In early 2016, a study conducted by Expedia and Egencia found that most travelers consider their smartphone to be their most indispensable travel companion.

The online survey, which was taken by almost 10,000 travelers from 19 countries around the world, revealed that most people even valued their smartphone while travelling more than their toothbrush, deodorant and even their driver’s license. In both China and Taiwan, a whopping 94% of respondents admitted to needing their smartphone while globe trotting more than anything else.

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When asked about the survey, Aman Bhutani, president for Brand Expedia Group, said that people use their phones during almost every part of their journeys from booking plane tickets to sharing their travel experience with friends on social media. Ultimately, 60% of those surveyed said they would be absolutely unwilling to go on holiday without their phone, so what is it that smartphones provide that makes them indispensable?

Leisure Time

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Lets face it: some parts of traveling are incredibly boring. Flying on planes, waiting for trains to turn up, trying not to make eye contact with other human beings on the bus – all of these things are vastly dull. That is, until you realize your smartphone is an entertainment hub packed with music, games, podcasts, books and even apps that could teach you the local dialect.

To help pass the time you can download music-streaming services such as Spotify and create your own playlist based on your location. If you’re into games you can download apps like Word Cookies or casino game apps. In fact, there are mobile-friendly iGaming sites such as Vegas Casino that are built exactly for this purpose: so you can play your favorite slots or classic casino games including roulette and poker whilst on the move. Fancy learning about where you are? Why not download podcasts based on your vacation spot or Duolingo to learn the language? There’s no end to what your smartphone can keep you entertained with.

Keep Connected

According to the Expedia/Egencia study, a total of 84% of people revealed that they want to be able to access information at any time, anywhere while traveling. If you are curious about what is happening in the world you can quickly visit an online news source and get caught up. If you get lost, your smartphone will be able to pinpoint your location and point you in the direction.

On top of this there is your social media, which you are sure to want access to. After all, you’re on an adventure and you probably want to share it with friends, family and followers. On the more serious side of the coin, having your smartphone as your travel companion enables you to read your emails, see your bank accounts and may even be where you are keeping your travel tickets. Needless to say, the latter are pretty important when you’re traveling.

Photography Made Easy


Do you remember family vacations when you were a child? There was you, your parents, your siblings and, of course, the most massive camera you’ve ever seen in your life that probably required its own plane seat. Then, after your lovely family outing was over, you then had to go to the local supermarket or chemist to have your family’s private photographs developed by a stranger.

Fortunately, those days are over as you can instantly take high-definition, megapixel-packed photographs or lengthy videos using just your smartphone. Using apps, you can edit those photographs within seconds and finally share them with your friends and family online. Of course, some smartphone cameras are better than others and you may prefer a DSLR, but the fact we have access to this sort of pocket-sized technology will always be amazing to us.

Is your smartphone your number one travel companion? Do you bring separate cameras and other gadgets? If not, what is?

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