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5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Marrakech, Morocco with Kids

By April 11, 2015September 11th, 20202 Comments

man on scooter in Marrakech, MoroccoPrepare for an unforgettable trip when you decide to bring the brood to Marrakech, Morocco. The sights, sounds, and smells of this North African country will make a last impression on you and your little ones on your next family vacation. However, it can be a very different culture to embrace outside of the norm for some. Use these guidelines to jump start your planning to ensure the whole experience of Morocco with kids is perfect.

Pick the Perfect Time to Go

Being close to Southern Spain, Egypt and other countries with long stretches of desert, the climate in Morocco is often dry and hot. It’s best to avoid a trip in the summer when the heat, especially in the cities, can become unbearable. Spring and autumn work best for urban exploration.

Consider Group Tours to Begin

If you hope to venture out into the sea of souks or explore palaces, it can be well worth booking a tour of Marrakech upon arrival to help get your bearings. These can also be a great way to enjoy day trips to the sea in Essaouira or the Sahara Desert.

Choose Ideal Accommodations

Many people da of staying in the old town section called Medina, but logistically these boutique hotels have little amenities for families. Consider reserving hotels in Marrakech that are equipped with wider staircases, thicker walls and pools to relax in. Some great options include The Four Seasons Resort in Marrakech, perfect for a luxurious stay downtown. Little ones can run free by the pool or join the kid’s club, while parents book a treatment at the world-class spa. The all-inclusive Kenzi Club Agdal Medina is another option with designated kid’s pools and areas, all of which is centrally located near the airport for easy access.

Have Some Activities in Mind

It can be a blast to spontaneously explore Marrakech, but this is a city that needs logistical planning when it comes to kids. Map out a few landmarks, restaurants and attractions ahead of time to have plenty of choices. Active little ones will love the Menara Gardens where they can feed the fish in a large carp pond. The Spana sanctuary for rescued mules is perfect for the animal lovers, and Café Arabe is a perfect, kid-friendly restaurant with Italian and Moroccan dishes. Speaking of cuisine, there are not many designated children’s menus. However, most meals are in courses that can be shared by several kids and have familiar ingredients like bread and chicken.

Avoid Too-Young Little Ones

Although children as young as three could easily navigate the streets of Marrakech with you, consider waiting on this trip if they are any smaller. Although the culture allows for welcoming children, finding items like diapers, changing stations or even pathways to fit a stroller can be a real challenge. Consider limiting a trip to the city to kids who have been potty trained, unless you plan to stay in the hotel most of the time.

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