Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia


For many people, the land of Oz is never going to be an easy experience to be had. The flights very long and oftentimes the costs can be overwhelming. But if you have been saving up vacation time, are looking to enjoy a sabbatical with your family or simply crave adventure on the other side of the world, Australia is for you.

While Sydney is an incredible city, you can easily spend a few days there and devout the rest of your Aussie adventure to other destinations, such as Cairns, The Tablelands, Brisbane, or Melbourne. Some require a long drive and others a domestic flight, so plan accordingly – this is a massive country. And we’re only talking the East Coast!

Spend Time Outdoors

Anyone visiting Sydney for the first time will want to make a beeline for its iconic harbor front. In fact, the entire space has been deemed a national park. This area along the water and through the adjoining green areas are all family-friendly. Have your baby enjoy a snooze on a picnic blanket surrounded by palm trees, or grab a bite at one of the outdoor cafes near the Opera House. Our favorite outdoor space was the Royal Botanic Gardens. Your baby will delight in the bright, white cockatiels that fly by. All the flora is labeled so you can learn more about local plants and flowers. There is a sunny café and duck pond as well. Many hilly spots in the park offer views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

See a Baby-Friendly Show

Elegant theaters and grown up performances can be intimidating if you’re enjoying a new city with your little. But culture and art do not have to be missed in Sydney even when your baby is with you. During the city’s summer months (which are opposite than in the U.S.) they often host outdoor performances overlooking the waterfront. Seating and the stage are all under the stars, so it is less likely your baby’s potential fussing would impact anyone nearby. There’s also slightly more space to stretch out. Call ahead and find out if your sleepy baby and you can attend one of these special shows, like Aida that was presented last year. There’s plenty of theater as well for children in the city, including the “Playhouse” in the Sydney Opera House.

Kids watching concert at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Kid-Centric Sights

The city of Sydney was practically made for kids of all ages. If your baby loves sensory stimulation and being outside, consider a visit to the historic Luna Park. This 75-year-old landmark is a favorite among Aussie kiddos for the carnival-like rides and attractions on a scenic harbor boardwalk. For some splashing in the surf, head to Bondi Beach. Little ones can dip their toes in the ocean or help make sandcastles. Be wary of strong currents and riptides at this beach – it might be best to simply wade there. Several public pools are also nearby if you’d like to have a real swim with your aquatic baby.

There are endless accommodations to choose from in Sydney. If you like having more of an apartment stay with all the perks, have a look at the Meriton properties. The location on Kent Street is ideally situated near many of Sydney’s best landmarks, and includes laundry, a kitchen and more in every apartment suite.

Have a blast with your baby in this thriving urban oasis on your next trip to Australia! Have you ever considered this part of the world before? What are you favorite destinations in Australia? Do you prefer cities over more rural areas?


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