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What to Pack for Travel

Best Friends for a Carry-On: Interesting Essential Items for Travel

By November 12, 2018March 9th, 20192 Comments

Some of us seek the thrill of adventure while others wish to get away for a while and relax. Either way, the majority of us yearn to see more of the world. If you are fortunate enough to explore the globe, you will need to properly prepare. Beyond booking your flights and securing your accommodation, packing your bags is one of the most crucial parts of traveling. Take too much stuff and you’ll be in for hefty charges when you check-in at the airport. Don’t take enough and you’ll be in for a shock when you can’t locate that essential item you left behind. So to make life a little easier as you get ready for your next trip, we have put together a list of must-haves you need to store in your carry-on.

A Stash of Supplements

It goes without saying that your health is of the utmost importance, especially while you’re traveling. We can all fall a bit out of our groove when we are on the next big adventure. Whether it’s street food in Thailand or breakfast buffets in France, we often succumb to our tendencies of eating to the extreme. In saying so, it is vital that you implement steps to combat health setbacks. After all, falling ill on vacation and feeling the FOMO as your friends enjoy a night out on the town will surely dampen the holiday vibe.


We suggest stocking up on quality supplements before you take off for your globe trot. Vitamins and minerals will fuel your body and support your immune system. Moringa will ensure that you have enough energy to make it up that mountain you’ve been hoping to hike. These are just a few ways in which supplements can promote a healthier and happier holiday. But, finding the right ones can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we recommend checking out Consumer Health Review. This trusty company reviews all the latest supplements on the market to help inform your next consumer purchase. Save some bucks while getting the best stuff thanks to their quality reviews.

A Trusty Action Cam

Most phones nowadays have decent cameras. In fact, some of them have cameras that can rival basic DSLRs. That said, a great action cam will go a long way to making your memories that much more special. GoPros and other action cameras can record videos in up to 4K resolution. These gadgets are so small that they will take up hardly any space in your bag. Purchase a few accessories like a chest mount or monopod to capture the holiday in all its glory. Most of them link up to your phone and save the footage automatically. Meaning, you can head home after a day of exploration and review your shots. The fact that many are waterproof is a bonus for those traveling to tropical paradises. After your holiday, you can import your footage into Adobe Premiere Pro and edit your clips. Your action cam will become a magical memory bank of every adventure!

A Loaded Kindle

Bring a book to read they said. You’ll get through it quickly while sippin’ on a Pina Colada under the sun they said. The fact is that one book is not going to be enough. Even if you aren’t an avid reader, there are going to be moments where you’ll want to unwind with a decent read. A Kindle is the best way to save space in your bag while having tons of reading material at your disposal. The benefits of reading cannot be denied. So, be sure to load up a bunch of PDFs on this little device and enjoy a great story before setting out the next day. Check out this list of amazing reads to download on your Kindle.

Safety First & Toiletries

While ‘Safety First’ is not an item itself, it categorizes the list we have outlined below. After all, these items can fit snug into a small travel bag within your carry-on and the goal of them is to protect you against environmental aggressors.

  • Your favorite pair of sunglasses.
  • Some organic SPF sunscreen.
  • Wet wipes to clean handles and other public areas.
  • Hand sanitizer for when washing your hands is not an option.
  • A water bottle (ALWAYS FULL, except for airport security).
  • Toothpaste (most hotels don’t provide it).

Beyond these few absolute essentials, always keep layers of clothes in your bag. Weather can change within an instant so be sure to wear items that can be layered on top of one another. There are probably a few other items you value that you can’t live without so add them to your list and voila. Safe travels everybody!

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