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Bucket List: A Little Love for Dubai, UAE

By November 5, 2017February 20th, 20202 Comments

Dubai is often looked at as a mysterious city by western travelers. But while on your way to Europe, Asia and beyond, a pit stop in Dubai can be a fascinating experience for everyone. See firsthand the giant shopping centers, towering skyscrapers, and sprawling waterparks that make this place such a blast for all ages. Another big bonus of a vacation or long layover in this destination are the lavish Dubai hotels, which sometimes you can get for a steal in the off-season.  You can also visit other nearby destinations, by booking Amritsar to Dubai flights to experience India and beyond. Dubai is a wonderfully located hub of excitement near many other major cities in the world.

dubai skyline at nighta

Culture Preparation

Even for the most seasoned travelers, Dubai can be a very new and exciting place to explore. Knowledge of some cultural variances will help your crew thrive is this city. For instance, many businesses are closed on Friday and Saturday, in accordance with the Islamic calendar. Clothing is usually more conservative, but rules are bent often at big resorts and swimming areas. If craving an adult beverage, they are only offered at licensed bars connected to sport centers and hotels.

dubai skyline during the day

Before venturing into the new heart of Dubai, consider taking a step back in time and see the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Older kids and teens can soar through the air as they try sandboarding, while whole groups can try archery lessons or a sand dune driving tour. There is incredible wildlife, from camels and falcons to giant long-horned beetles and geckos the little ones can discover while visiting and trying out a desert safari.

Indoors and Outdoors

While the coolest months in Dubai fall between October and April, it can often be hot during the day. Plan accordingly with breathable clothing and plenty of hydration. When it’s a little balmy inside, it can be the perfect time to bring the kids to the Dubai Mall, which is the biggest in the world. It gives insight to how glitzy and glamorous this city can be – even if shopping is out of the budget! There’s also all sorts of soft play venues for indoor fun that is well loved especially by the smallest explorers. Rub shoulders with locals and expats at places like the Cheeky Monkey play arena in the Al Barsha Mall or the Le Petit Palais at Galleries Lafayette with children’s karaoke and jungle gyms.

In the sun, Dubai is famous for its massive water parks and pristine beaches. Make sure you take a special excursion to the giant Wadi Wadi Water Park on Jumeira Beach. It has more than a dozen slides and rides for big and small kids, plus a splash pool and rapid rivers. There’s a few great hotels near the beach in this area to choose from as well, including the wallet-friendly options with onsite activities and picturesque boutiques a little more inland.

To be transported to another world of innovation and wonder, have your crew take a look at adventures in sunny Dubai for a vacation to remember.

What do you think about Dubai? Would you go? 

Eileen Cotter Wright

Author Eileen Cotter Wright

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    The culture might take some getting used, but Dubai is definitely on my bucket list during U.S. winter/spring. I’m always in the mood for a getaway that involves glamour, shopping, and resorts!!

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