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Bucket List: Majorca, Spain

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Being on the Spanish mainland is definitely a treat, especially in the south that’s full of sun and sand. However, Spain also boasts a few beautiful islands even farther south that can be a perfect part of your European getaway. The Balearic Islands hold a mysterious draw for thousands of visitors every year – from party goers to Ibiza and nature lovers to Minorca. But those looking for a little bit of both can venture to Majorca (Mallorca) to immerse in a blend of culture, cuisine, beaches and tons of fun. Here’s a few highlights we can’t wait to check out with the crew in the near future!


Pollença’s beauty


Away from the hustle and bustle of big resorts and cities is where you should start your Majorca adventure. The village of Pollença has enticed and inspired writers, artists and more over the years, from Agatha Christie to Winston Churchill. It is ideal for those who love to support local talent and economy, as the place is packed with everything from art galleries to fresh marketplaces.

Palma’s city vibes

This is where all the action happens. Those in Palma can take a break from the beaches and enjoy some island culture first hand. Groups with older children will love poking around the studio of Joan Miró, famous painter and sculptor who spent the majority of his life in Majorca. The cathedral is near the city center too and is a gorgeous testament to the city’s spirituality and architectural prowess, designed by Antonio Gaudi.

Step back in time at Estellencs


This is a small village found in the Tramuntana mountains, a UNESCO world heritage site. This is what the island used to be like in decades past, with a secluded beach only a few minutes away. Have some of the local cuisine as well, sourced from nearby land and featuring delicious local produce – made only better with a cold pint of beer.

Save money in Majorca


Although the distance from Spain can seem intimidating, it’s super easy to find a wallet-friendly, yet luxurious getaway on the island of Majorca. Here is a great place to start looking for flights, accommodation and more. The island has many options for luxury villas, resorts and holiday homes that can be booked for affordable rates (especially in the off season).  However keep in mind many hotels close while it’s colder except in the main city of Palma. Group travelers can save when dining out by eating traditional sharing plates called tapas.  Instead of waving down taxis, much of Majorca is bike-friendly and can be navigated on two-wheels.


Have you ever taken an island vacation with the kids? How about with your extended family? How do you save money so you can splurge on trips?

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