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Caribbean Bucket List: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Our stints in the Caribbean have been plentiful and we’ve enjoyed our luck in the sun. From the culturally diverse Curacao to the black sand beaches of St. Lucia, there’s nary an island in this part of the world with which you can’t fall in love. Recently on our radar has been the beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines – a stunning island chain seemingly preserved perfectly to reflect a simpler island lifestyle.


Kids running along the docks in St. Vincent


Know Your Islands

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a long island chain west of Barbados and north of Granada. The biggest island is St. Vincent, holding the capital city of Kingstown as well as several scenic port towns. Bequia is south of there and is a popular spot for boats to dock near Port Elizabeth and for people to explore. There are other tiny, secluded islands included in the chain that are visited, but they do not offer amenities other than deserted beaches. Travelers can take their own sail boat, have one chartered, or make use of a modest ferry system that can help you island hop.

Know the Highlights

Once you have a lay of the land, it’s time to map out which things you want to experience. Depending if your family enjoys poking around harbor towns, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoy resort perks, you can cater you itinerary to your best interests.

Most tours leave from Kingstown or its surrounding ports. Take an afternoon to go on a dolphin and whale watch excursion, or head to the river for some crawfish catching. Kingstown also boasts a large marketplace where families can pick up some of the freshest fruit snacks around, among other handmade items.

Down on the island on Bequia, Port Elizabeth should not be missed. Before diving into downtown, spend some time on the iconic Princess Margaret Beach only a short distance away. It’s revered as one of the prettiest stretches of sand in the Caribbean. The Lower Bay is also next door and is known for prime snorkeling conditions. Follow the steel drum music back to the port, where your brood can walk along the waterfront and pick out a perfect seafood restaurant to have lunch with a view.

If you hope to splurge a bit while indulging in these Caribbean islands, consider a stay at the Palm Island Resort. This all-inclusive getaway paradise takes all the guesswork out of book a tropical vacation, which endless activities, culinary options, and sandy beaches on site. Do check ahead of time about seasonal guidelines, as this resort welcomes children 12 years and older only certain times of the year. This hotel could be ideal for families with older children who love splashing in the sea and trying new things. Feel free to pair a stay at this resort with a couple of days at other nearby islands as well.

Whether you choose superb luxury or just a few hammocks on the beach, no one leaves a vacation to St. Vincent and the Grenadines without a smile on their face.

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