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The Art of Travel

Doodle Days on Family Roadtrips

By November 3, 2013December 13th, 20152 Comments

postcard1These travel art activities for kids will keep your little one absorbed during your journey. Doodling, coloring, creating shapes and pictures in patterns is a relaxing activity that children can really get lost in. It’s great for developing hand eye coordination, imagination, as well as an understanding of abstract shape and design. Finished doodles make great greetings cards, or can be framed. Suitable for age 3+

This travel art can be done in:
Hotel rooms

What you will need:
Collect a selection of colored pencils/crayons/washable felt tips and put them in a plastic lidded box. ‘Crayola twistable’ are great—no lost lids and no sharpening.

postcard2Postcard 1: The picture on the left is an ‘altair doodle design’, timeless and challenging, suitable for all ages.  The ‘pixel person’ is a series of squares on graph paper—encourage your child to do a self portrait!

Postcard 2: Blank jigsaws are affordable and a great travel activity—after your child has created a masterpiece, they can take it apart and put it together again and again. You can make it more engrossing for older children by inviting them to doodle on both sides!

Postcard 3: Circles. Find a lid to draw around again and again, overlapping the circles. Color in all the different segments.

Set your child up with a tray and all materials. Let them color and doodle away!



square-logoDiane Pagan is graduated from Manchester Polytechnic with a fashion/textiles degree. She is a UK mom who passionate about creativity, and she set up The Imagination Box to share her treasure trove of ideas and inspire families to bring more art into their lives. Connect with her and get more great ideas at

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