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Eating our Way Across San Francisco

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You can connect with a destination right away by doing one simple thing – eat. To gain a feel for the soul of a city, all your family has to do is tuck into some savory meals and sweet treats. From Asian cuisine to crispy fried fish and chips, San Francisco will surely bring a rainbow of flavors to the table for everyone to love. They boast a variety for the pickiest to the most adventurous of families, many of which are located near the best San Francisco hotels.

Grab the Whole Crew

Family style eating is an art form. Having the family sit down and enjoy a meal together in a new and exciting destination can bring about some of the best memories. For a real ambiance, give the classic Franciscan Crab Restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf a try.

Its location right on the water and art deco décor will leave kids feeling funky and fly. Adults will adore the affordable prix fixe menu featuring Dungeness crab legs and shrimp fettucine, while the kids can have their first sample of fish and chips dockside.

You will find crab to be on many menus throughout San Francisco, especially in its peak season that starts in November. If you rather have your crab with a little more spice, bring everyone to Thanh Long, a famous Vietnamese restaurant in the Avenues. Off the beaten path, this pricey but tasty spot is great for families, especially groups who love garlic. Order full crabs in a special garlic sauce along with homemade noodles and mango salad.

After a fancy night out, relax the next day at Rigolo, touting itself as the most kid-friendly place in San Fran. There’s always a mountain of French baked goods and a fun play area for tinier tots. Split one of the best mac and cheese dishes made with gruyere around.

Italian food can be had for dinner and the menu at Franchino can’t be beat. Tons of families enjoy the laid back atmosphere at this restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s Little Italy neighborhood. Everyone can try each other’s fresh pasta dishes, from penne with ragu sauce to cheese tortellini. Don’t miss the grand finale either – a round of homemade cannoli or tiramisu.

Dining Nearby

While venturing out of the hotel is half the fun, many of San Francisco’s top accommodations have great eateries frequented by both guests and locals. For instance, your family can stay at the modern Serrano Hotel and have some foodie delights at Jasper’s. This gastropub stays open late night for the beer guzzling crowd, but during the day its pleasant atmosphere is perfect for your brood. Let the kids choose from their poutine menu and create their own French fry masterpieces while you give the seasonal greens or short rib a try. They have a wonderfully diverse brunch menu as well for those lazy, hazy vacation mornings.

Wherever you choose to dine in San Francisco, be assured there’s almost no bad picks in this thriving city by the sea.

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