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Five Must-Try Local Foods in Bandung, Indonesia

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Located in West Java, Indonesia, the lovely city of Bandung is not only known for its pleasant climate but for its culinary delights as well. In fact, whenever a local or a tourist thinks about food in Indonesia, it is usually about Bandung. Visitors travel to this city in large numbers on weekends, from all corners of the country simply to relish the delicious street food and visit the must try restaurants of Bandung. Here is a list of top five local foods which should be on everyone’s bucket list while in this city.


Banana cheese bollen

If you ever visit Bandung, your trip will not be complete without buying banana cheese bollen from Kartika Sari. Bollen is a pastry like dish made from banana, cheese and cream milk. This biggest snack and souvenir outlet in Bandung is the best place to buy several kinds of bollen. The bollens come in five different flavors; cheese, banana, chocolate, cheese banana and chocolate banana. This sweet and savory snack is one of the best gifts of Bandung. Found in every gift shop of the city, bollen has now become the most popular snack with tourists and locals alike.



This Sudanese pancake as it is formally known as is served with a special sauce which is a combination of coconut milk, pandan leaves and brown sugar. These days surabi is served with cheese and sausages, to keep up with changing food habits favoring more western tastes. Also known as surabi, this Asian pancake tastes sweet. Different provinces have their own recipes, but the one in Bandung is the best. This traditional dish from Bandung is eaten as a snack or generally at afternoon tea. This pancake is cooked on one side only, in an earthenware pan.

Maicih chips


These super-hot maicih chips are the most sensational chips from Bandung. They are available in two different varieties, fried fish ball and the original cassava, and come with a level of one to ten as far as the spice content is concerned. Commonly considered as a village food, it’s spiciness is known to be addictive.

Milk tofu

This local delicacy made in the tofu factories of Lembang are mixed with fresh cow milk and soya bean to make them super soft. The fried milk tofu makes for a wonderful teatime snack. Milk tofu is prepared naturally and has no chemical preservatives. Since it is without any additives, it is healthy and can be enjoyed with chili sauce. The fried tofu can also be combined with eggs or dumpling mixtures.


If you ask any local about his preference, the most common answer would be Batagor. This local invention of the eighties, consists of fried meatballs and tofu (bakso tahu goreng) and Bandung is the only place in Indonesia to try this special dish. This Sundanese Indonesian fried dish is traditionally made from tenggiri fish meat. Tuna, mackerel and prawn can also be used as substitutes.

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Have you been to Indonesia? Which of these foods would you like to try?

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