A Family Quest Through the Quirks of Venice

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When it comes to Venice, you might picture a gondola in the city’s famous canals and romantic dinners by candlelight. Steal away for that boat tour one evening, but don’t leave the kids at home. All of you can have an unforgettable time exploring this iconic Italian city, eating incredible cuisine and indulging in fantastic Venice hotels. Let’s dive into everything weird and wonderful in Venice.

Hit the Water

Riding gondolas is not the only way to experience Venice by boat. As soon as you touch down at the Marco Polo airport, reserve a water taxi to begin getting the lay of the land. Your arrival into the city will be one of the most scenic moments of your trip and well worth the cost. If you do decide to also take a gondola ride along the canals, choose your ride wisely. Although regulated, the boat routes vary greatly, as do the price and personality of the gondoliers.

Italian Eats and Treats

Good, bad, or questionable, Venetian food can sometimes be a mystery. If you are worried you’ll feel underwhelmed by the touristy offerings, why not take the whole family to a cooking class to learn about some of Italy’s traditional culinary delights? Create everything from risotto to tiramisu with the kiddos, starting with walks through open produce market and finishing with a fun home-style meal. Mama Isa’s is a great choice for families with children of all ages. This spot welcomes young ones and delights in introducing them to hearty sweets and delicious dishes.

Funky Attractions

Skip the crowded streets that offer tacky souvenirs and debauchery. Instead, stroll further out from downtown to Cannaregio. This is a very old part of the city where you’ll find the original Venetian ghettos. Nowadays, it’s a bustling area where you can spy kids playing kickball in the streets, hanging laundry, and local cafés. Next, head to the Venetian island called Burano, where residents often sport homes painted in bright neon colors. Your brood can learn a little at the Libreria Acqua Alta, where the steps are made of books. The display of books is unusual as well, because the store is prone to flooding. Kids can pick through the books that are placed in empty bathtubs and boats.

Ideal Accommodations

There are hundreds of hotels in Venice to suit your family’s every need. For example, try Hotel Atlanta Augustus for access to Lido Beach and a complimentary breakfast buffet, or go with the upscale Hotel San Moise that boasts terraces and gardens overlooking the canals. Free cribs and rollaway beds will keep your family comfortable at Ca’ San Polo. At countless Venetian hotels, families are more than welcome. That means you’ll have your pick of the city’s best modern and centrally located hotels.

Relax and soak up the eclectic Italian culture in Venice on your next European getaway with the family.

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