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Bring the Family to Hong Kong

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Trying to decide Hong Kong’s best assets is like trying to pick a favorite ice cream flavor. I mean, it’s ice cream – all flavors are fantastic! This city’s sheer size and diverse offerings in culinary delights, cultural and outdoor exploration, and countless architectural achievements make no two days in Hong Kong for traveling families the same. So hold tight to the hands of your little ones and explore a teeming city of wonder together.

Mai Po Nature Reserve

Any city visit would not be complete without taking a peek at its urban greenery. Fortunately, Hong Kong boasts this giant reserve full of migrant birds, mud pools, miles of trails and mangroves. Bring some binoculars, cameras and comfy shoes for the long stroll and book tickets in advance to check out kingfishers, gulls, and colorful ducks, to name a few. The entrance fee can be a little pricey though, so carve out ample time for viewing to get the most bang for your buck. There’s also a smaller wetland park in Yuen Long you can visit as well.


Hong Kong Park

While there are not as many birds and grass in this sprawling open space, this park welcomes adults and kids alike to unwind and engage in some prime people watching. With a backdrop of both skyscrapers and a mountain range, kids, can play in the other-worldly, man-made waterfalls, fountains, gardens and playgrounds for hours. All the waterways are linked and offer perfect atmospheres for ideal family photos. Some locals say this is one of the most eclectic and welcoming parks in the city.


Temple Street Night Market

This famous bazaar that comes alive after the sun goes down can be a little nerve-racking for families, but you’ll quickly notice many other little ones taking in all the sights and sounds too. It’d be a shame to miss this melting pot of wares, food and more after traveling all the way to Hong Kong. Show the kids your top bargaining skills while picking up everything from off-label footwear to jewelry. But the real draw for tourists may be the open-air snack stalls to discover true, local cuisine. Start along Man Ming Lane to find dumplings, and roasted duck or spicy pork served on sticks and in paper bags for walking.



Hong Kong ferry - photo by Peter Liu

Hong Kong Ferries

It is one thing to choose from the best Hong Kong hotels for awesome views of this incredible city, but it can be even better to hit the harbor for sweeping panoramic vistas. These ferries are used by commuters, but can also be taken by your family to see beautiful urban and natural scenery from the water. Look for signs that mention the “Victoria Harbour” ferries to purchase tickets. Choose a good clear day on a quieter weekend or at sunset for the best views. Some of these ships will also take you to many of Hong Kong’s 260 islands for day trips that include bird watching, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities. The best are Lamma Island for it’s great beach and Lantau Island for its charming fishing village.

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