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Vienna’s Sophisticated, Family-Friendly Culture

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From graceful Lipizzaner Stallions to classic buildings, Vienna truly brings mystery and European style to any getaway. Draped in complexity and musical prowess, bringing the kids to Vienna on a family vacation is an experience full of culture and the art of performance. Choose any one of the hotels in Vienna as a base and begin your adventure!

But before embarking on a journey to Vienna, you’ll need to have a chat with the kids about this grand and often mature destination. They need to understand that there are many very old traditions and artifacts that need to be respected. Food, culture, and even buildings will all be new, and of course you can always sell them on the horses.


Top Activities for Families

A real highlight for a trip to Vienna is a visit to the Spanish Riding School, or Spanische Hofreitschule. In the mornings, there is a special two-hour workout for these professional horses and their handlers that is open to the public. Buy your ticket and you can stay for the whole thing or simply enjoy an hour of the exercise. The more laid-back atmosphere is perfectly suited for families to get a taste of the dressage. The arena itself is spectacular; it’s also a great example of the city’s grand architecture.

Animal lovers will want to spend hours at the Schonbrunn Zoo, which prides itself on being a beautifully interactive place. Children are researchers and zoologists for the day as they learn about local and exotic wildlife.

For other failsafe attractions, families can bring the kids to Vienna’s oldest amusement park, the Prater. Full of ferris wheels, trains and a fun wax museum, you can spend a whole day there riding the rides and seeing the sights. Although opera performances are usually reserved for adults, there are a few child-friendly options in town, including the shows at Volksoper and the Vienna State Opera.

If the kids respond well to the opera and love music, they might also want to witness a show performed by children their own age. The Vienna Boys Choir is an iconic group of talented, young people doing matinees, classical music compositions and more. They tour internationally so make sure they’re in town when your family is there.


Where to Stay in Vienna

From tiny boutiques to big chains, there are oodles of hotels in Vienna’s city center that will suit families perfectly. Horse crazy kids will love the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna, which has tons of equine decor and a relaxing pool atmosphere. For even more excitement, stay at the Jufa Wien downtown that caters specifically to families’ needs. For instance, make reservations with your babies and toddlers that include bottle warmers, diaper storage stations and strollers you can borrow so you can leave your bulky ones at home. Older children will adore making new friends in the kids lounge and at the arcade.

While seemingly a little stuffy on the outside, take a closer look at Vienna’s fun and friendly side for a unique and unforgettable European vacation.

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