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Mentally Preparing the Family for Orlando, Florida

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Pluto float at a parade in Disney World

Are you ready for a trip to Orlando? I don’t think any family is ever really prepared for a vacation in Orlando, Florida. We all know it means many hours hanging out with Mickey at Disney, Shamu at SeaWorld, movie stars at Universal Studios, and all the animals at nearby Busch Gardens. But, to do it all will only leave you tired and overwhelmed — so take things slow and let us help. We’ll conquer Orlando together. I’m sure you already know what’s at this destination, so let’s tackle accommodations, packing, and preparation. No matter what, the kids will have fun in the sun. Choose what works best for your crew and plan well ahead for best results!

Tips Before Leaving

If you live in a more four-season friendly environment, you will want to be extra ready for Orlando’s hot, sunny, and sometimes rainy or windy weather. Keeping the kids fed, hydrated, and comfortable will be your best ally to enjoying the getaway. Keep this in mind when packing cozy clothing and creature comforts.

Usually we advise to pack as little as possible, but for a trip like this, it’s well worth bringing a few bags. Consider an extra bag just for some items from home if on a budget. For instance, bringing your own sunblock, bug spray, bottled water, snacks, and toiletries. If staying near the theme parks, this can save loads on buying impulse items. If you’d rather, pack refillable water bottles for everyone to take to the parks. If you’re not used to the different taste of Florida tap water, bring a couple of flavored drink powders for fun.

Or, if your family is super savvy, you could buy your disposable items online and use free shipping to have it sent to the resort. Ta-da! Less baggage weight and plenty of essentials at hand for little to no extra cost. This kit you ship can also include a few things like batteries, extra baby wipes, Band-Aids, and an extra cell phone charger, just to name a few.

Picking the Perfect Hotel

Either stay in downtown Orlando or right next to Disney World — either choice works well for families. If the former, enjoy some of the city’s fun attractions just outside stellar hotels such as The Grand Bohemian Orlando, which has great rooms and shopping or dining on-site. Or, give the Aloft Orlando Downtown a look, which is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and, of course, kiddo-approved. They even have special treats and kid-sized beds for their “Camp Aloft” program to make your stay extra special.

As for hotels near Disney World, most under the Mickey brand are top-notch, and families need to only find the best fit for their budget. There are brands by Universal as well.

No matter where you book, do so well in advance, especially if you take your trip during a popular school vacation or on a weekend. No one wants to play Russian roulette with the last few questionable rooms left when planning to stay in Orlando hotels.

Let us know if we can help in achieving your travel goals, we love to offer personal tips and advice – ask away.

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