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Review: Northbound Train Headlamp

By September 3, 2014July 23rd, 2016One Comment

Northbound Train HeadlampNothing is as exciting for a child as playing with a light in the dark. Camping is an experience of exploring the outdoors in a way that we normally wouldn’t do. From campfires to stargazing, everything about the nighttime is magical, especially through the eyes of a child. For our camping needs—and other illumination needs as well—we use the Northbound headlamp to light our way.

When it came in the mail, my 4-year-old son was over the moon that he would get his own—it wasn’t just a “toy” for daddy. My husband took his and immediately headed to the garage to work on my aging car, and then I’m pretty sure that he watered our front yard with it while I was getting the little bugger ready for bed later that evening.

My son, who believes that he is a spy after watching the Spy Kids movies, started searching cabinets and behind furniture for bad guys with his headlamp—a task which took hours to complete. He promptly gave me a tutorial on how to use the lamp and proudly changed his light from bright to strobe to red like it was no big deal. I was impressed that he could do it on his own without being able to read instructions, but the headlamp is really just that simple to use—you just need to spend a little time playing with it! Even I was able to figure it out.

When the time to camp finally arrived, we were running late as usual and the Northbound headlamp was a godsend for setting up our tent in the dark. Last time this happened to us (yes this happens to us often!) we had to wrangle the tent parts all while moving lanterns around for light. This time we were able to focus solely on the task at hand instead of fumbling with lights. My son kept busy with gathering firewood and finding bugs at our campsite.

The headlamp has a very comfortable strap and tilts for your convenience. The different light settings were fun to play with, and I’m sure that eventually we will find a use—or several—for each one. My favorite part about this headlamp is that it is not just a tool for camping and adults, but an awesome gift for a kid. Even if we weren’t the camping type, my son could (and has!) found a million uses for his. I think that it is something that every budding explorer should have!

About Northbound Train
Northbound Train provides durable, bright headlamps perfect for camping, hiking, running and many other uses which are ideal for kids. Visit their Amazon shop today.

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