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Planning the Perfect Trip to Vienna, Austria with Kids

More than ever, cities across the world are catering specifically for younger travellers – Vienna, Austria is one of them. In fact, as you will see they are very much trailblazers. There is so much for you and your adventurous family to enjoy in the city that one trip will just not be enough.

When you visit somewhere with kids you always end up seeing things in a different light. This is especially the case with city breaks. Travelling with children naturally takes you to parts of a city that you would not otherwise have been able to enjoy. Local swimming baths, children’s theatre performances and the parks of a city are all places you may not have visited and enjoyed if you were not travelling with your children.

Here’s some great ideas for Vienna – one of our favorite places to roam with the kiddos in tow.

Children’s Opera and Music Experiences

Vienna Opera Tickets are really easy to pick up and not particularly expensive, which is why so many visitors include a night at the opera on their itinerary. For an adult, operas are wonderful, but for a young child, a two or three-hour performance is just too long. Not to mention that it is all but impossible for a young child to follow the plot.

The Viennese opera companies have are very aware of this, which is why they put on performances that are specifically designed for children to enjoy. The Vienna State Opera also performs cut down versions of real operas, which are a huge hit with children and adults alike.

There are also short classical music performances available. Occasionally, you will be able to book your children into music and performance workshops. Vienna really is a great place to introduce children to classical music and dance.

A trip to the Schönbrunn Palace

You can easily spend all day visiting the Schönbrunn Palace with your children. They are really well catered for. The oldest zoo in Europe is sure to delight and there is a children´s museum on the site. Children love dressing up in imperial clothes and wigs. It is a very engaging way for them to learn about the history of the palace and its inhabitants.

Visit the colourful ZOOM children´s museum

ZOOM is a fantastic place that was built from scratch with children in mind. It is full of interactive displays that your kids can enjoy while learning about science, history and several other subjects. There is also an animated film studio, art workshops and soft play areas for the youngest ones in your party to enjoy. You can learn all about this wonderful place and pre-book some of the activities by clicking this link.

Visit the Prater Amusement Park

prater amusement park at night ferris wheel

Once the kids have had their fill of the city´s performance venues and museums take a bit of time out to visit an amusement park. The giant Ferris wheel is a great place to get a panoramic view of the city. In all, there are 250 amusements to enjoy, so it is wise to set a whole day aside for this activity.

The Vienna tourist board is constantly adding more special events and locations to the list of children friendly experiences. Therefore, the above is only a taste of what the city has to offer young families. The best way to find more is to book a few days in Vienna with your family and explore the city together.

Have you been to Europe with the kids? What did they think? How about Austria?

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