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Puerto Rico’s Incredible Events for Families

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There is nothing like dancing through the streets, listen to local music or diving deep into public art with your family in Puerto Rico. Although the historical landmarks, food, and beautiful beaches are well worth a tropical getaway to this island paradise, the festivals of Puerto Rico make it really come alive. Many of these happenings are awesome for kiddos to check out and families are welcome to participate. Here are a few favorites happening year round. So reserve one of the centrally located San Juan hotels to be close to all the action and take advance of all the fun.

January: Dia del Reyes

After Christmas, this is the big excitement that revolves around the arrival of the Three Kings. Children leave socks by their beds or tiny boxes filled with grass that are filled with small gifts to reward good behavior. In the afternoon, many families head outside to watch colorful parades and share meals at parties. Many of these gatherings are open to the public, with the biggest ones taking place in downtown San Juan.

January: San Sebastian Street Festival

In the center of old San Juan is a wonderful family friendly event that runs for four days. Every year the parade-like display of art, culture and performance bring to light the spiritual backgrounds and crafting skills of locals across the island. Families can peruse the displays of artisanal creations that take over the city streets and choose some souvenirs to bring home. Along the way, take a closer look at the colorful masks, paintings, and musical instruments. During the day are child-friendly performances like plays put on by local theater groups and the parades filled with people on stilts.

March: Dia Nacional de la Salsa

On the national day celebrating the art of salsa dancing, there is a huge gathering in the Hiram Bihorn Stadium in San Juan. It’s been a great tradition for more than three decades, with plenty of performances by some of the hottest acts in the business. Kids will love the fast beats and exciting atmosphere, plus the ever evolving bands on the main stage that keep things fresh and lively.

April: Saborea Puerto Rico

Kids who are big foodies and well behaved in crowds will get a kick out of this outdoor gathering of taste and spice. Dozens of vendors will share their best dishes that highlight various favorites in vegetarian, Latino, French and many more. Music stages and lounging areas make good spots for taking a break in between noshing. Bring plenty of sunscreen and water for this weekend-long event outdoors.

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July: Fiestas del Apostol Santiago

This event can get a little crazy and might be suited more for older children. Every July the plucky little town of Loiza welcomes droves of locals and visitors alike to dress up and dance in satirical honor of Saint James. The Afro-Caribbean music wafts through the streets that have been turned into an open-air restaurant with tons of traditional snacks and specialties.

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