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Sedona, Arizona: Down the Road of No Return

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With massive colorful rock formations, sprawling cacti and dry desert air, Sedona, Arizona is the embodiment of the American Southwest. The city itself offers a wide array of activities, including museum visits, theatrical performances, festivals, winery trips and hiking adventures, but some of the greatest excitement can be found on the outskirts of town.

One way to explore the beautiful scenery surrounding Sedona is on the Pink Jeep Tour. The morning of your tour, check in at the company’s office on State Highway 89A then hop into the neon pink Jeep. With bench seating, side rails and a cover on top, the vehicle is perfect for off-roading in the Arizona countryside.

A bumpy ride

Although the company provides many tour options, one of the most popular is the Broken Arrow tour. While your tour guide takes you out to the Broken Arrow trail, Sedona’s summer sunshine will begin bronzing your skin so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and remind your teens to reapply it every few hours (even if they fight you on it!). Sunglasses won’t hurt either.

Bumpy Ride Sedona, Arizona

As you travel out to the desert, massive mountains of red rock and other formations striped with layers of sediment—typical characteristics of the southwestern U.S—will surround you. The Jeep makes for a very bumpy ride, which provides a unique level of adventure and excitement to your journey. Your hair will whip around your face as the wind whooshes past you and you’ll be thrown side-to-side as you make the descent up these red rock mountains. Every so often, the tour guide will stop driving so you can get out and look around at the local landscape, take photos or examine nearby plant life, including twisted Juniper trees and local shrubbery.


Scenic stops

This tour takes you by two major points of interest: Submarine Rock and Chicken Point. Submarine Rock is a long, oval-shaped rock with smaller rock layers on top. You can climb up these rust-colored rocks to get an extraordinary 360-degree-view of the area, with jagged mountains of rock rising in the distance, wispy white clouds in the sky and green plants dotting the land. Chicken Point, on the other hand, is a slickrock clearing, made flat by the winds that travel through the area. As it is higher in elevation, you can see the valley below, including Submarine Rock.

rocks and cliffs in Sedona, Arizona

One thing your teens will really love is a journey down the Road of No Return, a steep and extremely bumpy road that vehicles can drive down, but not back up. You will also go past the Devil’s Dining Room, a sinkhole formed when the limestone was eroded away.

The Pink Jeep Tour is a wonderful way for you and your teen to get closer to the picturesque desert that lies outside Sedona. Standing in the middle of the valley surrounded by the red mountains will give you the feeling that you are far removed from everything.


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