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Review: SkyTent

By September 16, 2013November 23rd, 2018No Comments

Pull the smooth material out of the box, fix the visor on your head and let the translucent veil flow over your face when you board your next flight.

Eileen collage tent talk

In an innovative move, the SkyTent portable and clean plane environment uses 90 percent bamboo textiles, much more breathable than stuffy airline blankets. It stays put too with an elastic band. By helping prevent airborne illness, light headaches and much more, SkyTent keeps you feeling fresh well after the flight so you lose no time in your travels to sluggishness or sickness.

SkyTent real talk

Let’s state the obvious—the SkyTent is not a fashion statement. But it is made from a beautifully supple material created in muted grey colors, so you can easily snooze and not draw too much attention. While a little silly on a short flight during the day, I bet it would be ideal for a long haul internationally. Even so, on my journey from Boston to Tampa, I did have a blast playing peek-a-boo with the infant behind me, keeping her blissfully calm during the last few minutes before landing.

skytent in a bagThose interested in sustainable travel can get on the SkyTent train too, as it is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. Kids might squirm a bit under the cloaked visor, but anyone age 5-and-up can use SkyTent. Perhaps parents can carefully slip it over their sleepy child to protect from germs and a harsh environment while they nap.

SkyTent Use on Flights

I snuck in a quick snooze on my morning flight under SkyTent, then easily folded it back over my head to quickly check the time again before going back to sleep—its design makes this simple. I felt comfortably cocooned in for the duration of my shut eye time.

Would you like a SkyTent of your own? Visit for more information. 

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