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Summing Up Miami Beach Sizzle: Tips for Families

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Sometimes, it takes a little time to fall in love with a place. At first glance or first visit, Miami Beach and the surrounding city is fast-paced, fashionable, and intimidating. But with some patience, it’s clear Miami has more layers underneath the glitter and loud music. With incredible architecture from the roaring ’20s, delectable cuisine and miles of beaches, the whole family will love spending a vacation in Miami.

A Lay of the Land

Miami is really broken into several different “cities” and neighborhoods. Downtown Miami is where the high-rise buildings touch perfectly blue skies, and posh residents hurry about the palm tree-lined streets. Offset from downtown is Biscayne Bay for more rustic beaches and a lighthouse. To the south is Coconut Grove and Coral Way, while the Florida Everglades sit to the west. In between are neighborhoods like Little Havana, Wynwood, and Liberty City, to name a few. But across three bridges is an island that comprises Miami Beach and South Beach. This is where you’ll find the most pristine shorelines and best examples of Art Deco around. You can also find attractions like the Seaquarium and Children’s Museum nearby to knock out some fantastic, kid-centered attractions on your trip.


sandwich on the beach in Miami

A Guide to Miami’s Cheap Eats

You know the kids are just going to hairy eyeball anything that’s not chicken fingers or pizza anyway, so why not save a little on your travel food budget? When bringing the crew to Miami, it’s easy to feed a family of four quickly and deliciously. The first stop you have to make is at Las Olas. It’s off the main drag and even looks a little dicey, but this no-menu, no-frills Cuban restaurant has incredible food. The little ones will dig right into their Cuban sandwiches that are whimsically sliced longways like sandwich sticks. There’s also often fresh watermelon juice, fried sweet plantains, and tons of empanada pockets on which to nosh. Kids who will eat anything might like My Ceviche, which serves inexpensive oddities like octopus burritos, known to be the best in town. On Miami Beach, dig into Taco Rico for tasty Tex-Mex quesadillas or tacos. Yes, they also do chicken fingers.

Where to Stay with Kids in Miami Beach

This can get a little tricky, but most certainly can be done. It is well worth staying right on Ocean Drive when spending the trip in Miami Beach. Hotel Eva is a cheap choice for the strip and is super convenient. For more kids’ activities, try the Z Ocean Hotel South Beach, which is an all-suite resort with plenty of on-site fun.

Miami isn’t just for those who know how to salsa. You and your brood will feed off the excitement and energy that permeates throughout Miami Beach. There are lessons to learn and all the Cuban pork you guys can eat. Time to book that Florida getaway!

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