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Things You Don’t Want to Leave Behind When You’re Traveling

By April 17, 2018April 19th, 20184 Comments

Getting ready for a well-deserved vacation? Traveling can be a lot of fun and also therapeutic. It allows you to explore parts of the world you don’t get to see often while allowing you to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re going near or far, there are several things involved in planning for a vacation. So many things, in fact, it’s not uncommon to forget one thing or another. Leaving your favorite pair of shoes home may not be so bad, however, forgetting these items could ruin your entire trip:

Personal Identification

If there’s one thing you don’t want to leave home without it’s your personal identification. Whether traveling domestically or internationally, you’ll need your ID for everything from passing clearance at the airport to checking into a hotel. Make sure that you pack both your driver’s license and/or your passport unless you want to cut your trip short.

Credit or Debit Cards

Paying with plastic is often recommended when traveling. It is a safety measure that can reduce the chances of your losing or having your cash stolen. It’s also convenient if you’re traveling abroad so you won’t have to convert your cash to local currency. Therefore, you’ll want to have your credit and/or debit cards with you.

Car Insurance

Taking a road trip? Perhaps you plan on renting a vehicle? Whatever the case may be, if you don’t have adequate car insurance coverage, you won’t be doing either (or you’ll suffer severe consequences). If you don’t have car insurance or yours has recently expired, buying car insurance quickly online is recommended. This way, should you get pulled over for a traffic violation, be involved in an accident, or need to rent a car, you will have the protection you need.


What don’t you use your smartphone for these days? Not only does it serve as a camera or video recorder for documenting your experience, but it functions as a mini computer. You can research things to do, make reservations, and buy tickets. It is also very useful for keeping in touch with others and can be used to help you find your way should you get lost (Google Maps). So, make sure you have your phone and charger with you on your trip.

Health Insurance

No one wants to get sick while on vacation, but the fact of the matter is, these things happen. You’ll want to get immediate medical care should you get sick. This can be difficult in certain areas if you don’t have your health insurance card with you. You should keep this in a wallet with your ID and credit cards for safekeeping.

An Extra Bag

If your trip includes a shopping spree you’re going to want to be prepared. Most travelers forget to account for souvenirs and other merchandise they may purchase while on vacation. They try to cram it into their bags, with no such luck. To avoid the frustration, simply pack an extra bag. A duffle bag that easily folds, for example, would be a great addition.

Vacation planning is a lot of work. You have to remember to secure the home, pack your bags, and a host of other things. While there is a lot to remember, neglecting many of the things on this list could leave you in a bit of a bind. Take these things into account as you begin planning for the trip of a lifetime.

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