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Three Beautiful North American Castles To Explore

By November 29, 2018March 9th, 20192 Comments

Even though Europe has developed notoriety for housing some of the most stunning and historical castles in the world, picturesque fortresses imbibed with long-lasting stories certainly exist in other territories as well! Matter of fact, North America is a solid underdog, with plenty of fantastic options for those who would rather save their coins for an exotic honeymoon rather than fly themselves and their family out to Europe  (though, if you are planning your post-wedding vacation for this continent, it still is worth checking out the wealth of castles there). Here are some of our North American favorites.

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

louisiana state capitolThis castle doubles as a historic government building, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The exterior exudes regality, with pure white shrouding the walls and a verdant front lawn surrounding an upwards slope of steps leading to the front entrance. The architecture of this castle was designed in 1847 by New York architect James Dakin, who conceived a neo-Gothic medieval design and further reinforced this aesthetic through the use of cast iron, which was cheaper and more durable than other building materials. To add to the appeal of The Old State Capitol, the castle sits upon a bluff that overlooks the Mississippi River.

However, in more recent years the castle was rebuilt by architect and engineer William A. Freret, who installed a spiral staircase and stained glass dome as focal points. The castle hosts a plethora of events and has a list of guidelines and policies for scheduling one on their website.

Cherokee Castle & Ranch, Colorado

Cherokee Castle & Ranch, ColoradoThis castle drips serenity, and utter seclusion from the world. Surrounded by a gorgeous Rocky Mountain panorama, you’re guaranteed picture-perfect wedding photos to last a lifetime. Hundreds of miles of plains, plateaus, and pinnacles are right at your fingertips, rising high above 3,400 protected acres. Visitors enter in through the grand, front gates, and are promptly led down a winding slope filled with wildlife freely roaming. The preserve is home to hundreds of elks, dozens of wild turkeys, to antelope, bears, cougars, mountain lions, and porcupines.

Tweet Kimball, an avid equestrian, purchased the land in 1954, and her vision was to utilize it to broaden Colorado’s cultural life with activities that dealt with education, conservation, entertainment, the arts, and wildlife. Nowadays, Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosts some of the most elegant and distinctive weddings in Colorado. However, they only have a limited number of Wedding dates available throughout the year so get in touch with them as soon as possible!

The Guggenheim Estate at Sands Point Preserve, New York

Hempstead House Sands Point

As soon as you drive through the gates of Sand Point preserve, you’ll be transported to a time of ‘Gould’ Coast glamour. Stretching across 216 acres, guests are offered the option of enjoying a Celtic castle, a roaring 1920s mansion, pristinely manicured gardens, and the Great Lawn, making every sort of event and personal preference possible here.

As for some history of this estate,  financier Howard Gould, the son of a railroad robber baron Jay Gould, created this estate through purchasing undeveloped land between 1900 and 1901. Thus, Castle Gould came to be birthed in 1902, drawing massive inspiration from Ireland’s Kilkenny Castle, and was built to please his wife, actress Katherine Clemmons. However, she was not pleased with this castle, so he built a second mansion across the property, a structure that embodies Tudor-style architecture. This mansion, known as Hempstead House, was far more intimate in nature, spanned 50,000 square feet, and had a 60-foot-tall entry foyer. Ultimately they ended up getting a divorce, but the estate was still stunning.

Where is your favorite castle? Did you know there were castles in North America?

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