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Tips for Making Your Tropical Honeymoon Unforgettable

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The wedding is done, the reception is over, and you’re ready to fly to a warm, tropical spot for your honeymoon. You certainly have hopes for a romantic adventure. But when you’re jetting off to a fantastic beach resort, a few missteps on your part could turn your honeymoon into a disaster. If you want your beach vacation to be unforgettably romantic, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Pack light

It’s tempting to overpack for your honeymoon. You’re probably thinking you need a lot of “just in case” outfits for fancy restaurants and big events, but most tropical locales are low-key. Unless you’re going to an exclusive resort with an evening dress code, even the swankiest restaurants won’t require much more than slacks and a collared shirt for men and a sundress for women. Other than that, swimsuits, shorts, and lightweight tops will get you through pretty much any activity.

Remember the sunscreen

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Tropical locations are closer to the equator, so the sun is stronger. Don’t forget the sunblock, or you’ll end up looking like a lobster. You’ll also be in too much pain to enjoy any romance and could end up with sun poisoning. Use your sunscreen even on overcast days, when many people get sunburns from assuming the cloudy skies mean the sun won’t burn them. They are wrong.

Have alternative plans in mind

You expect tropical breezes and sunny skies and will probably get them most days. However, even the sunniest locations get rain sometimes, and it’s often torrential for at least brief stretches. While luxuriating in bed is a wonderful honeymoon activity for a rainy day, if you get rained out for days at a time, you may regret not having alternative plans. Be sure to research indoor activities in the area before you get there, so you don’t end up arguing about being bored (the horror!) on your honeymoon.

Don’t overindulge

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Oh, the allure of a seaside bar! Indulging in tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas is part of the tropical vacation experience, but not if you drink so much that you can’t perform at night. Drunkenly staggering isn’t romantic or attractive. Nursing a hangover instead of swimming or sightseeing with your spouse is downright miserable for both of you. It’s fine to try out some new drinks, but be aware that many of the fruitiest, most delicious concoctions are the ones that are laced with copious amounts of alcohol. Limit what you drink so you’ll be clear-headed enough for unforgettable nights of passion. 

Treat health problems before the honeymoon

A romantic getaway is all about passion and connection, so be sure to see your doctor a few months before the wedding if you have any concerns. If you’re experiencing occasional problems with dryness or erectile dysfunction, a doctor or a clinic like ThriveMD can ensure you’ll be fully functional and ready for everything on your tropical honeymoon.

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