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Top 5 Reasons to Travel as a Group

By February 7, 2016October 18th, 2017No Comments

Hopping on a plane or starting a long road trip is exciting no matter who you’re with, but group travel can be especially thrilling. I’ve been on plenty of trips: solo, with a boyfriend, with my sister. But group travel adds a unique dynamic. If one person’s tired, let them stay in and grab someone else to head to dinner with. If half of your group isn’t interested in the event you want to attend or the activity you want to try, you’re still likely to have someone who will.

Traveling on your own can be fun, of course, but as a group travel blog, we want to show you why it’s important to consider traveling as a group next time you’re exploring some place new.You’ll have more options.

grouop of tourng people traveling and walking on snowy street


1. You’ll have more options.

The more people you have in your group, the more options you’ll have. You might think otherwise because you’ll have to make sure hotels and transportation can accommodate the lot of you, but that’s the easy part. Planning places to eat and play can be tougher, but the more people you have along, the more ideas they can provide. After all, two heads (or three or four or seven) are better than one, right?

When you’re alone, coming up with activities to try is left entirely up to you, but with group travel, you’ll have additional suggestions that just might lead you to your new favorite thing.

2. You can save money.

Traveling gets expensive no matter what, but when you travel in packs, you can often find discounts. You can often get discounts for booking more than a certain number of hotels or cruise cabins. Wanderers can also find great deals when booking group tours—the more people you bring along, the lower the cost for many tour companies. Conduct a travel blog search to read reviews on tours before you reach your destination; if you research it, you’ll be able to find the companies with the best deals. Then you can book before you go and use the savings on another activity or special something during your trip.


3. You may feel safer.

Traveling alone can get really stressful. You’ve got to make sure you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there while keeping track of your bags and on those around you. But when it comes to group travel, you’ve got friends and family watching your back. If you’re in a large or even a moderate group, you can keep watch over not just your companion’s personal items but also over their well being. This creates a more relaxed environment and allows you to sit back and enjoy your trip without having to be on high alert. Stress is not good for anyone’s vacation.

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4. The details are planned ahead of time.

Often, group travel results in plenty of adventure. Whether you’re going zipline, visiting a local museum, seeing a show or enjoying a fancy restaurant, you’re going to have to make sure your entire group can be easily accommodated. Of course, if you have a party of three, it might be unnecessary to plan so far in advance, but the larger your group is, the more details you will have to iron out ahead of time.

This is another way to ensure a relaxing vacation—if the details are already sorted out, you have more time to enjoy yourself without having to stress over where you’re headed next and whether or not they will be able to provide for your whole party.

family on beach in front of golden gate bridge in san fransisco5. You will share new experiences, strengthen bonds and creating lasting memories.

Possibly the most important of aspect of group travel is the bonding experience. This is the part you can’t put a price on. Traveling with different age groups, people of different backgrounds or even close-knit friends can still result in new experiences that you can share together. Having something unique to reminisce about will bond you together for a long time to come. Creating these memories will become just as important as the trip itself and you’ll find that the experiences are so much more meaningful when you’re sharing them with the people you care about.

So what do you think? We may be a travel blog, but we’d sure love to hear about your experiences as well! What is your top reason for traveling in packs?

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