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Travel In The Slow Lane: A Lake Tahoe #SorentoAdventure

By June 23, 2015July 17th, 20152 Comments

Tourists flock toShauna and the Kia Sorento sunroof the busy, beautiful beaches of San Diego, the urban delights of San Francisco and, of course, the main event—Disneyland. California, however, has a few quiet retreats for families traveling with kids that offer both excitement and respite from a beachy Californian world. One of the most peaceful and stunning places to take a family vacation in California is Lake Tahoe, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by driving.

The lake itself is in both California and Nevada, so after a flight into Reno, you can knock two states off of your bucket list with a leisurely drive around this stunning lake.

Taking Life As You Drive By It

Car trips aren’t typically fun for anyone. Babies cry, kids get bored all too easily, teenagers don’t want to participate and parents are typically the ones asking, “Are we there yet?!” At Lake Tahoe, that all melts away, especially when you ride in comfort and style. Enter the Kia Sorento.

Not a single member of the family will be able to prevent themselves from gazing longingly out the windows at the clear blue waters of this unconventionally deep lake. At its deepest point, this basin of water, which was created during the ice ages, reaches 1,645 feet. There’s so much to learn about here and future geologists, anthropologists and even historians will relish the information they come across from the highly knowledgeable local guides who take visitors paddling out in kayaks or trekking the Sierra Nevadas in search of spectacular panoramic lake views.

FeaNavigation in the new Kia Sorentotures You’ll Love For Family Travel

Speaking of windows, the windows in the Kia Sorento are especially fabulous for super sunny days or just families who like to soak in the views with a baby in tow. Remember those horrible shades that are supposed to stick to the windows to keep the sun out of the little ones’ eyes but never actually stick? In the Kia Sorento, they’re built into the door. Score one for mom and dad!

Tahoe is a beautiful area, there’s no doubt about that, so visitors should plan on spending some time out in the sun. Or, they could just sit in their Kia Sorento under the panoramic sunroof. It’s the best sunroof I’ve ever seen—hands down. When they do want to get out and explore, however, there are plenty of spots to park around the lake where the kids can get out, stretch their legs, climb on boulders and search for little reptiles scurrying about near the water’s edge.

When you return to your vehicle, it shouldn’t be hard to navigate the rest of the way around Lake Tahoe. The navigation is very clear and you have the option to turn the sound on or off. (It’s always better to have it on! I can’t tell you how many times I missed turns because I was too busy staring at the scenery.) When you own your very own Sorento, you can sync it with your phone and it will tell you when it needs maintenance in addition to playing all your favorite tunes from Pandora. The stereo system is really high quality, so you can jam out to “Let It Go” all the way around the lake.

A New Kind Of Driving Experience

Kia has long been the brand you looked to when you needed a cheaper vehicle, but no more. The cars are still affordable, but the brand has upped its game when it comes to quality. Ya, you’ll see the normal things you’d find in other luxury vehicles like leather seats and a great sound system, but this vehicle was redesigned with mommas in mind.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

The shade in the back windows and a trunk that senses your presence and opens for you are just two of the things that make it family friendly. (When you’ve got the kid, the diaper bag, the suitcase, the boppy, and the stuffies, you could certainly use a “hand” to get that trunk open.)

The Sorento is certainly our go-to vehicle for family travel. Which adventure will we take it on next?

Shauna had the chance to drive a top of the line Sorento at a Kia Drive event in Lake Tahoe. Want to learn more about road tripping in this fabulous car? Head to Twitter and search for hashtag #SorentoAdventure to discover even more great stories from many other passionate travelers enjoying their trips in the newly designed and expertly crafted Kia Sorento.

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