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Travel to Scale The Tarriss Travel Luggage Scale

By August 27, 2014November 23rd, 2018One Comment

Luggage ScaleThere are not many things better for a traveler than officially booking a flight to a long-awaited destination. We imagine what’s in store, what we will find and who we will meet. We also must imagine what we will bring and start making that dreaded packing list.

This can be overwhelming depending on how long the trip is and who else you are packing for. Most of our budget-friendly airlines today have baggage specifications and weight limits, and if these are not obeyed, there can be huge fees tacked on. Weight limits of around 50 lbs. are common and people often try to pack their bags exactly to that guideline—or so they think.

I have tried putting my suitcases on my bathroom scale, which never turns out well, and attempted to simply lift the suitcase to estimate how much it weighs. Making estimates when heavy fees are looming can make packing and airport check-in very stressful. I find myself switching items from one bag to another, on the not-so-clean check-in floors, in order to have the proper weight. I have even had to leave items behind that were weighing me down.

Fortunately, I found that Tarriss Travel Gear has a solution to help make packing and preparing for flights much smoother.

Tarriss Travel Gear’s “Jetsetter” is a portable digital luggage scale that pledges its users will never pay overweight luggage fees again. The compact and lightweight handheld scale is tough, durable and easy to use.  It allows users to weigh bags up to 110 lbs. and measure its accuracy to 0.2 lbs. Its long-lasting lithium battery and lifetime warranty are a big plus, as I couldn’t imagine going back to a life of packing without it. I am now able to avoid not only over packing, but also avoid under packing and fit absolutely everything that I need. Feel free to even bring it along for moments of dispute, especially when with a crew of kids juggling multiple bags.

You simply pack your suitcase, attach the Jetsetter strap to the luggage handle, lift the luggage off the ground and easily read the weight on the LCD display. Let the little ones get a kick out of guessing how much their own bags weigh too! The strap and screen were easy to use. It took only a minute to quickly measure and evaluate what things needed to be left behind to avoid that awful extra fee.

Tarriss Travel Gear has offered Pure Wander readers a 25% discount when you use the code WANDER25 on Amazon for the next 30 days, reducing their #1 Amazon-rated luggage scale to a final price of $14. When comparing this amount to the stress, fees, and uncertainty from not knowing your luggage weight, I’d say it’s well worth the buy. 

For more information visit:
Tarriss Travel Luggage Scale
Purchase on Amazon (using code WANDER25)

We received a free product in lieu of this Pure Wander review, however all opinions are the free-will of the writer.

Jeff Mark is a senior finance and marketing double-major at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has recently returned from a semester abroad in Barcelona, where he also traveled to numerous Western European countries and had endless cultural experiences. Follow him on Twitter @jmarkbcn

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