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What to Bring to the Beach with Kids in Puerto Rico

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Beach in Puerto Rico with palm tree and playing children

We’ve mentioned a few times how Puerto Rico is just about the ideal destination for families looking to try something new that’s still in the states. We want to offer some tips you might not have thought about before you embark on a beachy adventure to this sunny and welcoming island.

Pack enough essentials

We all know that protecting against sun, sand, and insects is a must on any vacation. But did you know baby powder helps to wipe sandy feet off easily, or that disinfectant wipes can be used to clean stings or bug bites? These are only two of the items you should consider bringing with you to Puerto Rico. It also might be instinct to leave bulky towels at home, but it can be super useful for each family member to have his or her own – pack colorful ones to help locate beach chairs, use as pool pillows, or even have on hand to hit the shore immediately when the hotel room isn’t ready yet.

Going to Puerto Rico  is not going to the moon, though – if you leave sunscreen or a sunhat at home, you can easily pick up these items at any convenience store or resort. Or, if you have an Amazon Prime account (or other access to free shipping), consider having disposable items like diapers and bug spray delivered straight to your accommodations to have upon arrival! You can definitely leave toys at home, as well – most guest homes and hotels will have these items on hand to use for free. Or, they’ll at least have a little lost and found to borrow shovels and buckets.

Have all the help you need

We don’t mean hiring a maid to follow you around, but we do mean being smart about your accommodations and your desire to be on the beach. If you choose a resort across the street from the water, have water shoes on hand to combat hot, paved trails and roads. If the kiddos will be in and out of the ocean all day, even a tiny washer and dryer in your hotel room or rental can be a huge lifesaver. Kids might want to spend all day at the beach, so having a place to stay close to food options can minimize the time hunting down grub.

Be in a good location

We all have had dreams of happening upon some remote tropical stretch of sand, not to see another soul for hours as we swim and explore. However, with kids the likelihood of this happening diminishes slightly, as planning often leads to happier beach time experiences. So, think about where you’d like to roam ahead of time on the island of Puerto Rico. Many people with little ones will choose to stay at hotels in San Juan and venture to the lovely shores near the capital city. For instance, you can walk to Escambron Beach from Old San Juan to indulge in an afternoon under shady palm trees or splashing in the waves of this reef-protected shore. When you need a break from the water, don’t forget to indulge in tasty eats while checking out San Juan, too.

Let us know if we can help in achieving your travel goals, we love to offer personal tips and advice – ask away.

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