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Kid Traveler Jesse: Catching My First Tuna in Panama

By August 15, 20153 Comments

Jesse Catching a Tuna in PanamaMy family was on a boat in Pedasi, Panama, fishing for yellowfin tunas.


When the captain hooked one he handed the rod over to me and I fought with it for five minutes until the captain was able to get him up on to the boat. My mom took lots of pictures and then we put it in the hold.


When we got back to the dock we hopped in the back of the truck and went to our hotel. When we arrived I jumped out with my tuna and hauled it over to the butchering house.


Later that night we ate tuna sashimi and amberjack steaks. It was really good!


Jesse Dechambeau is nine years old. He likes fishing and traveling.

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