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An Ebook To Guide All Families
Who Are Passionate About Traveling Together

Don’t just survive a family vacation, thrive on a family vacation

There's No Beach In Texas - Cover ImageTraveling with kids is difficult—there’s no doubt about that, The truth, however, is that it can be done. In fact, it should
be! Nothing broadens the minds, palates and hearts of little explorers like showing them the world.
Understanding how to plan, how to pack, where to stay and how to get there are all super important when you’ve
got little ones in tow. Fortunately, with a bit of foresight and a diaper bag filled with snacks, your trip together can be smoother than you had ever imagined.
In this ebook you will learn:

  • How to pick the best destinations and activities for every family member
  • Ways to save for the big trip
  • Tips for packing the kids like a pro
  • The best modes of transport for each age group

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