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South America is a spectacular place to explore, and you might find that it’s one of the best group vacations you’ve ever experienced together. The natural sights are stunning and the cities have vibrancy and flavor found nowhere else in the world. Regardless if you love adventurous zip-lining, dancing at festivals, or trying your hand at a pottery class, South America has plenty to see or do. From majestic mountain ranges and serene sandy beaches to tango lessons and river cruises, the continent has it all.

Here are some things to consider in the big South American destinations.


Argentina is a huge country with lots to offer visitors. The capital city, Buenos Aires, is a lively place with food, music, and sites that you and your group have to indulge in. Dad will definitely want to try the specialty (steak) and Mom will want to learn to tango before venturing forth to explore the rest of the amazing country. The attractions in Argentina vary from watching the penguins at Punto Tombo National Reserve to taking in the breathtaking sight of Iguazu Falls. You can hike, climb, swim, boat, or even sip wine at Argentina’s fabulous vineyards. This South American destination is well worth a long trip.


Brazil is home to pristine beaches and lush rainforests, attracting lovers of nature and those seeking an escape. Rio de Janeiro, the capital city, is a culture hub where people dance to the samba, get inspired by the art and architecture, and lose themselves in the fantastic local festivals. A trip to Brazil is truly one of the best vacations out there. If you’re in the country for work, there’s many things to do near the professional districts as well – it’s always fun to mix business and pleasure!


Nature lovers rejoice: Chile is a land of ancient forests, icy tundras, volcanoes, deserts, rivers, glaciers and fjords. Set out with your clan on a hike that lasts several days or explore the exotic Easter Island together. Whatever you choose to do, spending time outdoors relishing the beauty around you while traveling with family or friends isn’t something any member of your group is likely to forget.


Within the high, high Andes mountains of Peru lies the famous ruins of Machu Picchu, but this place is only a glimpse into the lives of the Incan civilization. Peru is a place for adventurers who delight in learning about the Incan people’s rich past. For those who also delight in the present, the rainforests are laden with all sorts of wild creatures and tropical fruits. The clash of several cultures when Europeans arrived in South America is still evident today.


Bolivia, another diverse nation, includes parts of the Andes, the Amazon, and the Atlantic. Group travel is the perfect way to see the markets, discover ancient Incan cities, or simply soak up the sand on beautiful beaches.


Strolling through the streets of Ecuador will have you questioning whether you took a trip to South America or Europe. The quaint villages and colonial towns offer a great place to recharge after trekking through the Amazon or viewing the vast array of crazy creatures—like swimming iguanas, humungous tortoises, and river dolphins. The Galapagos Islands are the most popular tourist destination in Ecuador because of its amazing landscape and varied wildlife.

South America is huge and diverse, so don’t expect to see it all in one visit. Think about the activities and locales that really appeal to your group, and plan a trip around those. Don’t worry though, South America will always welcome you back when you return to experience the rest!