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There isn’t a single Caribbean island that wouldn’t be the ultimate getaway for any group. What better way to celebrate life, travel and a sense of adventure then booking a cruise to tropical paradise or spending a week on a lively island? Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take you…to literally every island in the Caribbean, as each one has its own special rhythm. Come join us at some of our favorites.

All the Caribbean Love

Let’s first discover some top Caribbean island destinations. One of the best hands down for group travelers is Aruba, as it has a plethora of gorgeous resorts, miles of sparkling beaches and is easy to reach from many major airports. There’s even a donkey sanctuary and fun aloe plantation to visit when you need a break from the beach. Seasoned snorkelers will marvel at the colorful fish and even sunken ships to explore.

Did you know travelers from the U.S. don’t even need a passport to reach the Caribbean? You can head straight island of Puerto Rico without having to handle customs. Pops of color in Old San Juan and breathtaking cliffside beaches near Fajardo are only two of the highlights found there. Resorts cater to adventurous visitors, with plentiful aquatic activities and inland delights. Not to mention that ‘Mofongo’ – everyone will love that deep fried mashed plantain dish smothered in saucy meat.

Hidden Caribbean Island Gems

Although many people wish for the pearly white sand beaches and perfect turquoise waters, there’s much more to be discovered throughout this incredible part of the world. For instance, the island of St. Lucia is much more densely tropical and covered with greenery, offering black volcanic sand and mango trees at every bend in the road. Your entire group will love trying their hand at snorkeling and enjoying all the tasty treats made from fresh fruit on the island. Afterward, revel in the lush scenery and lazy days spent sipping cocktails under a cabana.

Another island with a whole other personality is Curacao. It’s known as the cultural melting pot of the Caribbean, gathering influence from China, Indonesia, The Netherlands and local lifestyles. This is translated into electric cuisine, music and vibrant design throughout its towns. Curacao is great for groups who love to feel immersed in new destinations while also indulging in luxurious beachfront accommodations.

The best group vacations ever can take place in the Caribbean, as it combines a lot of sun, sand and surprises. Choose which island fits your traveling pack’s style and go from there. No matter what, savor the memories you’ll make with everyone in your squad during your next unforgettable tropical getaway.