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Pure Wander was originally designed with families in mind. Sure, we want to encourage nuclear families to explore the world, but why not bring the grandparents along? Old friends? Coworkers? Aunts, uncles, cousins, childhood friends—we think everyone should hop on board and travel the world together.

Why? Because there’s a certain magic that stems from traveling in a group. The more the merrier! Traveling is all about learning and what better way to learn than through the eyes of your friends and family? As you wander, seeing destinations from others’ perspectives can change the way you view them yourself. And why not throw some additional interests in the mix? Maybe Uncle Joe loves to rock climb. How about that old high school group itching to take a road trip together. Oh, you’ve never tried it? Now you can!

Our knowledge and experience around the world has led us to create a personal travel blog that interests and informs everyone. Here, you’ll find factual and fun information on endless destinations across the world that are perfect for traveling in packs.

Behind the mask, we are people—friends, sisters, daughters, even traveling strangers who become connected along the way—who love to explore and want to share our love for adventure with you, no matter what. Our travel blog allows us to give you a peek behind the curtain and get to know a little bit more about who we are, why we do what we do and how you can do it too. We want to share our travel tips with you so you can make it an experience with your whole squad.

Our group travel section is filled with personal stories, ideas and, of course, tips from a variety of authors with plenty of unique perspectives on how to make the most of traveling together.

Groups Stick Together

Sometimes, we forget just how important our ‘tribe’ can be. So don’t leave mom and dad behind when you go backpacking across Europe—encourage them to get in on the adventure! Despite what most  travel blogs would have you believe, you can have just as much traveling as a group even if you don’t have kiddos running around. Genervacations are quickly gaining momentum: extended family is ready to get in on the action! This growing market has something for every member of your clan. Share new experiences as a group or split up and do your own thing for a while. With group travel, the options really are endless.

But Where To Go, You Ask?

Group travel adventures can be had all over the world. While RVing can be a treat, don’t think that’s all your parents and grandparents are up for. And just because you’re celebrating a friend getting married doesn’t mean your group of girlfriends has to hit Vegas. Here at Pure Wander, we firmly believe that any destination can be a great one for traveling groups. Things like tours, resorts and even cruises can be great ways to explore while capturing everyone’s interests at least a little bit.

We’re here to share things like the top destinations for group travel vacations. Of course, these aren’t the only places for your group to travel, but we hope to inspire by widening your minds and demonstrating that places typically visited for romance or adventure can be much more. They can hold something for every type of traveler.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can also turn to our travel blog for ideas. Whether you’re planning a winter trip to Iceland or getting ready to hit London with the youngsters, you’ll find tips on how to prepare and execute your next group adventure.

Many of these posts tell tales of what is it like to travel somewhere in particular. Though no two people have the same stories, there is something in every piece that a wanderer can relate to. Even if you’ve never been to the destination mentioned in the article, there is a certain appeal to reading about baby turtles in Texas, fond memories of Scotland or how a family got its wandering start.

Unique Perspectives on Group Travel

Another great thing about the Pure Wander travel blog is that unique opinions can be easily expressed in the form of observations about the world. If you’re wondering why the posts are so eclectic, read them and find out. You will be surprised to find that many issues and joys are universal and that we may have dealt with many of the same things that you are. We love to show you who we are—won’t you do the same?