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A group vacation to Africa conjures visions of bumping along in a Jeep on safari while watching lions and giraffes and wildebeest and elephants roam about the savannah. While this depiction isn’t altogether inaccurate, there’s so much more to Africa than what you saw in the Lion King. When you are traveling throughout this massive continent, it’s important to remember how geographically and culturally diverse each of the 54 countries in Africa are.

South Africa

Right at the very bottom of the continent lies South Africa, a beautiful country where nature and civilization collide. Johannesburg and Cape Town are big, bustling cities with no shortage of food or fun to experience. Groups will also love seeing the vast wildlife. In this country you can watch buffalo meander across the savannah or a crocodile pick a fight with a lion. Travelers can also see packs of penguins shimmy to and fro on the Cape or dolphins playing in the waves on the coast.

Incredible Ethiopia

Everything about this place is dramatic from the ancient tombs to the picturesque landscape. Ethiopia is a fantastic place for groups who wish to try some extreme adventure activities or explore medieval cities and 17th-century castles. This destination is a tough place to be, even for avid travelers, but it is well worth roughing it out for the trip of a lifetime.

Kenya Believe It?

Kenya is an animal lover’s paradise, offering visitors a glimpse into the wild world on the savannah. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is where the Big Five—lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African buffalo, African elephant—can be seen. As exciting as this is, Kenya has a great deal more to see and do than watch the amazing wildlife. Many villages welcome tourists. If you travel in a group that loves trying something new, this is the ideal opportunity to be fully immersed in a completely different culture.

Ancient History in Egypt

One of the most culturally rich destinations on the planet, Egypt is home to Pharaohs and pyramids and discovery. People—of all ages, big and small—with big imaginations relish the chance to see a real mummy or lie in a tomb. The people of the past bring us to Egypt, but the warm welcome of the people in the present keeps us there.

Over-the-Top Mauritius & Seychelles

Lovers of luxury flock to these islands for sand, sun, and fun. Traveling with a group is the perfect time to hit these tropical destinations not only for the beaches, but for a cultural experience that will rock your world. The Caribbean is fabulous, but no place on earth is quite like these African destinations.

Africa is a continent that simply has it all. Really dig in by spending your vacation in one country or jump from one place to another to do as much as you can during your visit. Regardless of what countries you see, Africa will refresh your mind, body, and soul and remind you why traveling as a group is always worth it.