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Traveling to Tunisia: Current safety measures and more

Please Adhere To Local Regulations When Traveling Currently In 2021. In Fact, We Urge You To Do Your Part By Staying Home, Masked, And/Or Distanced Whenever Possible. Avoid Recreational Travel, Unless You Get Vaccinated, To Keep Our Global Community Safe!

Tunisia is a small North African nation that is popular for its extravagant lifestyle and splendid landscapes. This country is home to travelers who wish to experience the vividness of the Sahara Desert. Tunisia is replete with several archaeological sites like the city of Carthage. Currently, Tunisia happens to be one of the perfect destinations for tourists who prefer seafood and it is also an immensely liberal country.

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Who can travel to Tunisia right now?

With more than 8 million visitors in a year, Tunisia is one of the most famous destinations of Africa. At present, 98 countries are allotted to travel to Tunisia without a visa for a specific number of times, including citizens of Canada many others.

If you’re a national of Canada who intends to work or study in Tunisia or prefer visiting for more than 4 months at a time and for this you need a Tunisia visa. Tunisia visa for Canada citizens can be got from the Tunisian Embassy in Ottawa or consulates in Montreal and Vancouver.

By the end of 2021, the online visa portal for Tunisia will become available, letting you save the hassle of waiting outside the consulates and embassy.

What sort of visa requirements are needed to travel to Tunisia from Canada?

If you’re a Canadian passport holder waiting to travel to Tunisia, make sure you check back soon as the information and details on this visa is constantly updated. There are multiple visa requirements for the citizens of Canada who travel to Tunisia. Here are the following steps to apply for a Tunisian visa.

  • Fill out the application form and submit it
  • Pay the fee for applying for eVisa
  • Obtain the visa approval and the confirmation


How should you apply for a visa to Tunisia?

Since the time the eVisa is introduced, the visa application can be completed online. This is an effortless and straightforward process that takes less than half an hour. For getting an eVisa to travel to Tunisia, the citizens of Canada will require applying online by filling out the application form with the needed details like passport and personal details. You’ll also be asked other security questions.

Once you have already paid for the visa and also submitted the form, you will get a mail confirmation. The approval of visa will be sent to that email add. Hence it is mandatory to have a ready email ID.

What sort of climate can you expect in Tunisia?

If you visit North Tunisia, you’ll get Mediterranean climate with desert climate to the South. The summer season in Tunisia is dry and hot and winters can be rainy. January happens to be the coldest season and August the hottest. Nevertheless, if you visit the Sahara,you can get extremes of hot temperature that may reach up to 40. It is also common to hub for dust storms and thunderstorms.

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What should you pack for Tunisia?

Now that you know all the requirements for getting your Tunisia visa, you must be wondering about the things that you need to pack before visiting this place. Here is a list of a few things:

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • You may not be able to adjust initially to the food and water and get diarrhea. Hence, carry your diarrhea kit with you
  • Modest yet light clothes to be able to tolerate hot temperatures and cool nights
  • Don’t forget to carry your passport lest you’ll be detained for not carrying it with you

Therefore, if you’re trying your best to visit Tunisia, make sure you follow all the above listed requirements of obtaining your visa. This will make your journey easier and hassle free.

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