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The best family vacation spots combine unique activities, fun accommodations and interesting but reliable food options. Explore your child’s adventurous side, putting little ones slightly outside their comfort zone, while also saving time for relaxation. Find ways to teach them about the world while giving them endless thrills—every time you travel.

Your destination is probably the most important thing to consider before you hop on a train or a plane. Mountains, beaches, deserts and concrete jungles all have their own appeal, providing plenty of chances to experience something new. Keeping that in mind, Pure Wander seeks to prove that children can enjoy travel no matter the destination. Nothing is off limits.

Each continent features some fabulous locations that can serve as a recipe for the best family vacation. Spots like the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China are a given, but we also explore the littler known areas that are brimming with perfect activities for the whole family.

Just Around the Corner

North America is home to a ton of travel spots. As one of the most visited countries in the world, the United States provides a chance to take a bite out of the explore the great outdoors under California’s redwoods and relax along the water of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Travel down to the Caribbean for coastlines lined with palm trees and aqua water. Islands like Aruba, Curacao, St. Lucia and Puerto Rico provide a tropical oasis full of fresh fun and fun adventures that kids will love.

In the southern hemisphere, you’ll find South America, where you can experience indigenous cultures first hand. At Lake Titicaca in Peru, visitors can see firsthand how the locals survive on floating islands.

Across the Atlantic is Europe, where cities are filled with history and the countryside is filled with sprawling hills dotted with farmhouses. During the summertime, get active in Rome trekking through the Forum, the Colosseum and Vatican City or admire the beauty of Monet’s water garden and colorful flowers in Giverny, France. If it is winter, bundle up in Amsterdam, one of the best family vacation spots in Europe.

The Unknown and the Unusual

Africa is a very unique vacation spot. If you and your brood love animals, visit Durban or Tanzania on a safari trip filled with animals you usually only see in zoos. For a more historical experience, travel to Egypt, where you can catch a glimpse of the world-famous pyramids.

Don’t forget about the massive continent of Asia, home to many of the best family vacation destinations. This is another great area to explore and learn about culture. Grab some bicycles—it’s the best way to see places like Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Whether you trek through the mountains or coast along the waterfront, there is nothing like outdoor adventuring in Asia.

Last but definitely not least is Oceania. Although Australia can make a fabulous travel destination for families, consider New Zealand as well—its beautiful landscapes will leave you with unquenchable wanderlust.

So while you think about where you want to travel next, remember that any and all destinations can be turned into some of the best family vacation spots—it just requires a little research and an open mind. So feel free to explore across the ocean or in your own backyard, we’re here to help your family create fantastic travel memories!