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Out the heart of the Pacific Ocean a multitude of islands beckon visitors, and no one adores this region more than nature-seeking groups. Adventure. Wildlife. Relaxation. Culture. The countries of Oceania truly have it all. If you aren’t sure where your next group vacation should be, Oceania has everything you could ask for.


Everyone wants to go to the land down under. Watching kangaroos hop along in the Outback, seeing penguins waddle about on the southern coast, getting a hug from a koala: the animal encounters are nothing short of spectacular. Australia boasts six distinct ecosystems—Equatorial, Desert, Temperate, Tropical, Subtropical, Grassland—and that’s before you explore the world under the water.

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef which is alive with colorful coral, a myriad of mollusks, incredible echinoderms, and more shiny fish than you could count! Explorers who spend time discovering the wonders of the sea will delight in the bigger creatures as well such as dolphins, whales, stingrays, and sharks.

On the mainland, visitors can experience the wonder that is the Sydney Opera House and climb the Harbour Bridge in Australia’s capital city. Travelers can also cross other bridges while trekking in the rainforests of Queensland. Cultural experiences can be found in the urban paradise of Melbourne or in the Outback with a community of aboriginal people. Didgeridoo anyone?

New Zealand

This destination is idyllic. Groups of all ages can appreciate the beautiful landscape before embarking on a little adventure. Float through the Waitomo Caves on an inner tube and watch the glow worms light them up, a beauty that rivals the night sky. Swim with dolphins on the coast of Christchurch. Hike on a glacier. Kayak your way through Milford Sound. Visit the Maori tribe and take a dip in the hot springs at Te Whakarewarewa. Go paddle boarding in Abel Tasman National Park.

Ok, maybe a lot of adventure.


If relaxation is your end goal, look no further than a group vacation to Fiji. There’s endless sandy beaches to lay out on, stunning reefs to explore, and rivers to raft down. Fiji is made up of several islands, all of which have their own unique attractions and atmosphere. Some of Fiji’s highlights include Tavoro Waterfall Park, Navala—a charming little village with thatched bure, and whale watching excursions along the coast.

Feeling inspired yet? These three destinations—albeit fabulous—are just a snapshot of what Oceania has to offer visitors. Traveling with a group has never been more exciting.