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Cape Verde’s Best Water Sports and Aquatic Activities

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Feeling like a fish is the only way to spend time in the beautiful island nation of Cape Verde. Sure, there’s mountains to hike and amazing food to devour, but the most fun can often be found just off shore among the waves. Lucky, there’s several islands and countless activities to choose from when you pick an unforgettable holiday in Cape Verde.


Perfect, sunny weather topped with a moderate breeze offers ideal conditions for windsurfing. There are a few schools to learn the sport on Sal Island, or you can simply rent equipment from the larger resorts and outfitters. Kids and beginners are welcome to try out the thrills too.

Surf Lessons

Plenty of top surfing instructors have made Cape Verde their permanent home due to the wonderful waves that crash along the island shores. For an affordable rate, you can have a private lesson in places like Santa Maria to get some one-on-one motivation. There’s several cozy Cape Verde hotels in the area too to relax in after a long day in the waves.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Several spots in Cape Verde are ideal for exploring underwater, but one of the best is Sal Island. There is Olho Azul, or the “Blue Eye”. Scuba divers can see beautiful blue water framed by the sun from a cave network below. All those who sim can keep an eye out for eels, octopi, manta rays and more.

Marine Life Watching

Whales openly leap from the ocean along the coast of Cape Verde. Groups can take boating adventures from March to May to see humpback whales as they breed and feed. Some beaches in Cape Verde are also home to Caretta turtles – the third largest reserve of this species in the world. Some tours offer sustainable observation and conservation opportunities for visitors to the islands.

Horseback Riding

Hopping on your trusty steed might not sound like a water activity at first, but much of the horseback riding in Cape Verde takes place on the beach. Splash through the ocean while riding, especially in Santiago, the largest island. These excursions are great for all levels and abilities.

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Simply Sunbathing in Cape Verde

Ten islands that make up Cape Verde call for oodles of white sand beaches ready for your bikini’ed bottom. Maio has some of the most scenic stretches of sand, surrounded by charming villages and pretty wildlife. Boa Vista is where many choose to get a tan along with access to water spots and excursions.

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