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Review: Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, California

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As the pickleball hit the ground on the other side of the net, our jaws hit the ground on ours—we’d won! With the sun shining bright, blue skies overhead and a victory on the court, one thing was clear: Donna and I were going to be Olympic champions.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. I’m not exactly the most coordinated person. And pickleball isn’t even an Olympic sport—yet. But the adrenaline coursing through my veins after winning my first-ever pickleball match made me think anything was possible. Who knew a twenty-something traveler could find so much excitement in a San Jacinto Valley RV resort?

Multigenerational family travel at a Hemet RV resort playing pickleball

Growing up in Orange County, I had heard of Hemet, the desert town a few hours to the east where Golden Village Palms RV Resort is located, but, beyond its location on a map, I knew very little.

While spending a few days exploring restaurants, museums and wineries in the San Jacinto Valley, Golden Village Palms was my home base. As a popular destination for snowbirds from the north, the community within the resort is ideal for group travel—especially multiple generations looking for a spot to bond while capitalizing on each person’s interests.

The best multi generational family vacations present plenty of options, leaving time for individuals to explore specific hobbies in addition to activities that the whole group can do together. But beyond leisure time, these increasingly popular multi generational trips need to include moderately spacious accommodations, making Golden Village Palms a unique place to stay and play in the San Jacinto Valley.

Bring Your Own Bed

Now…I hadn’t heard of an RV resort before visiting the San Jacinto Valley so if it’s a new concept to you, that’s totally alright! I’ll give you a taste of what this fun-filled property is like.

RVs, or recreational vehicles, are essentially homes on wheels, designed to give you a place to stay mid-adventure. Although they’re often used for camping, they provide a different kind of convenience at a resort like Golden Village Palms. The resort has over 1,000 RV sites, each with full hookups, but you really create your own accommodations based on the type of the RV you bring with you. This can be great for multi generational travel; whether you’re traveling with the boyfriend or bringing mom, dad, grandma and grandpa along, you can find an RV that accommodates your whole group. Just make sure to plan in advance, either by purchasing or renting, because the resort doesn’t provide RVs.

One thing the property does provide are some adorable cottages for guests to rent so if you want to create a little extra space for your group, break off and have a couple people stay in a cabin instead of in the RV itself. The cabins are rather small, so I wouldn’t recommend them for more than one or two people, but despite their tiny size, they pack a big punch with an adorable living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in the back. Their cute little porches make the perfect spot to crack open a good book as the late afternoon desert sun colors the sky.

Now Comes the Fun

Our group had a blast at Golden Village Palms just because of the sheer amount of activities available on the spacious property. The RV sites and cottages are located on the edge of the park with resort amenities concentrated in the center.

The on-site amenities are truly the highlight of this spectacular upscale resort. We’re talking multiple pools, hot tubs, a putting green, sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard, a fitness center, a library, a craft room, billiards and a room for table games in addition to the aforementioned pickleball courts. Our group also participated in shuffleboard lessons, something I never thought I could enjoy so thoroughly. And since it doesn’t require too much strenuous activity, it’s easy to include every generation in your traveling pack.

Golden Village Palms RV Resort pool group travel class

What is truly impressive is not the sheer amount of activities guests can try their hands at, but the sense of community that envelopes Golden Village Palms. Wandering the resort, I witnessed morning water aerobics classes, afternoon pool volleyball tournaments and evening card games galore. Whether you want to take some time on your own to curl up with a book in the library, go for a walk on a treadmill or practice your golf putt, you won’t run out of solitary activities. But the community comes together to provide a place for interaction, competition and encouragement.

If That’s Not Enough to Tempt You…

There is so much to do on-site that you almost never have to leave. Guests return year after year, forming longstanding friendships that are deepened by the many experiences they share at the resort. On top of the games and activities, the property holds special events, including pool parties, ethnic festivals, tequila tastings, live tribute acts and pet meet-ups (it’s a pet-friendly facility too!). Guests can also take free yoga or Zumba classes.

With such a vast amount of options, it’s no surprise that Golden Village Palms is thriving in the San Jacinto Valley. Enjoying the amenities ourselves for a few days was enough to showcase how multiple generations can come together and share bonding experiences and plenty of laughter. It’s truly the best of the best. Multi generational family vacations continue to grow and this upscale RV resort is likely to grow right along with them.

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