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Going from a cozy little two to an incredibly crazy three is a transition for sure. So much so that many couples try to do all of the fun stuff they possibly can before they settle down to have children. A family vacation, especially with babies and toddlers can be daunting. But we say, why settle?

There’s no question that having babies changes the game completely. It’s an adventure of a different kind. But you certainly don’t want to leave them at home! Gather the whole family together for a group affair you will remember for a lifetime. Grandparents will love spending some downtime with their grand babies—taking them to the pool at the resort where they can walk through the water, letting the little ones splash can be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate them. Let aunts, uncles or family friends take toddlers out for a ball game, a trip to a museum or a stroll in a foreign park. Wherever you travel, there’s somewhere waiting to be explored…and the more people you have with you, the more chances your little ones have for adventure.

You Can Travel With Babies

It’s true that there are plenty of things you can’t do anymore. However, contrary to popular opinion, traveling is something that you can—and should—still do. If you want to get away with your little people, we have just the place! Well, several actually…and they’ll appeal to the rest of your pack too.

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be a challenge, but it is purely possible to have an amazing vacation with the 3-and-under crowd in tow. Strap that little one to your back and tackle the trails in one of the many Colorado towns, like Colorado Springs and Glenwood Springs, that boast spectacular hiking. Your entire group can meander past streams, climb over rocks and discover all the natural beauty of the west while baby soaks up the clean mountain air. The great outdoors is the perfect place for babies and toddlers to be—and it will give the rest of your clan a chance to relax and get in touch with nature too.

For a more relaxed vacation, head to the beach. Babies will delight in the colors, sights and sounds on Florida’s Gulf Coast and toddlers will revel in all of the excitement that the sand and surf in San Diego has to offer. Splash through the waves together, search for sea creatures or bury your toes in the sand. The rest of the group will follow suit. Sure, they want to have some fun, but downtime with the kids is relaxing as well.

You may have never considered it before, but the ideal family vacation with babies and toddlers (and more!) usually takes place in big cities. There’s usually a great deal of walking and lots to see which will keep your little ones, and the rest of your group, quite engaged. Traveling with babies in an urban hot spot also gives you plenty of opportunities to introduce your pickiest family member to new foods that she might just adore—once she agrees to take a bite. And who knows? Maybe another member of your party will be trying something new as well.

Go Wherever You Wish, Let Us Help You Get There

The truth is that there’s no where you can’t go when you are traveling with babies and toddlers. If you are still a tad uneasy, we have plenty of tips and tricks to ease your mind and make the whole experience more manageable. The only thing left to decide is where you are going to go and who you want to bring with.

From west coast beaches to urban centers in Asia, there’s no bad place to take a family vacation. We have lots of ideas for exceptional family trips with a baby or a toddler, so check them out and let the real adventure begin.