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A family vacation at Garden of the Gods, ColoradoThe light breaks away from the clouds and shines down in thick bands of sun that lead the way over the plains to mountains’ edge. Large red rocks spring forth from the ground like daisies in May. This entire scene is heavenly, and there is no question why they call this place Garden of the Gods.

A free and easygoing day

A National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a free day of fun for families vacationing in Colorado. It is open year-round, but is best visited when the weather is comfortable enough to enjoy being outside. It is a fantastic place to travel with babies in a breathtaking environment. Once you enter the area, there is a one-way road that goes around the large rock formations so you can pick where you’d like to start the day. When you get out of your vehicle in the North Lot, you will be dwarfed by the North Gateway Rock, which majestically welcomes you. It is hard to fathom how this massive, red rock structure made it into this forested area, but don’t worry, the show in the visitor’s center will shed some light on the phenomenon.

Begin your trek

Walk past the North Gateway Rock on a wide, paved walkway that is easy to navigate with strollers, little feet or even for those who aren’t in stellar shape. Watch the rock climbers scale the Tower of Babel, get yourselves stuck in the cracks at the Three Graces or practice animal sounds with your little one while he watches the horses trot across the trails. Don’t forget to pack a lunch and enjoy a sunny afternoon identifying all of massive rock formations. If you are an outdoorsy type who isn’t opposed to carrying your little person on your back, try scaling some the rocks in the back of the complex then head for the trails. Dogs are welcome as well, so it is easy to make the day an affair for the entire familyGarden of the Gods—furry members included. There are many trails to take and you will enjoy the scenery with your family from new heights as you traipse through the rock garden. Look for local flora which includes cacti and wildflowers, and take a guided walk if you are interested in learning more about the area.

Garden of the Gods for Families

This beautiful location is just one of the fabulous places to visit on a family vacation to Colorado. Getting outdoors and experiencing nature with one another is a bonding experience like none other. Colorado Springs has even more outdoor fun for families traveling together to relish.

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