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Traveling With Kids To A Wicked Cool Winery In Estes Park, Colorado

By April 27, 2015February 23rd, 20195 Comments

There are so many things to consider when traveling with kids, and managing to find experiences that intrigue the little people and don’t annoy adults is, admittedly, a challenge. Especially if you’re in Colorado and on the hunt for a Estes Park Winery that can accommodate your brood.

A wine tasting may not be the first thing on your list when traveling with kids on a family vacation, and understandably so, but if you are lucky enough to be visiting Estes Park, Colorado, it should be.

estes park winery kid friendly

A cozy little spot in Estes Park

Tucked away on the side of one of Moraine Avenue, one of the main roads in Estes, Snowy Peaks Winery would be easy to pass by if you didn’t already know it was there. Upon entering, you are confronted with a large rack of individual bottles of wine on one side and all sorts of wine paraphernalia on the other. (The wine tumblers are ideal for a picnic lunch in the Rocky Mountain National Forest not too far down the road.) If you can prevent your little people from touching all the pretty things on the shelves, you may make it the ten feet to the counter for a tasting.

Wine (and juice!) tasting for the whole family

Now comes the fun part. You’ll be presented with a list of the wines Snowy Peaks produces, and for $8 you can try any five you choose. Pair it with some gourmet cheese and snacks for a really luxurious experience. As you are sipping on these exquisite blends made exclusively from Colorado-grown grapes, the kiddos can sample some of an alcohol-free creations free of charge, which is produced by another Colorado-based company. They can chose between cherry, peach, blackberry and more. The chances are high that they’ll have another glass while you are tasting your variety from this Estes Park winery—or even three.

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No wine-ing zone at the Estes Park winery

You know who runs a tasting room that both kids and adults can enjoy? A parent. The owner’s have created a safe space for the traveling kids to play while the adults indulge in samples. Once your little loves have overdosed on the tasty juice options, send them over to the no wine-ing zone where they can color, play board games, engage with action figures, or sit back in a comfy bean bag chair and read the numerous kid-friendly magazine options available.

Kid tasting at Snowy Peaks Winery

Once the adults have picked their favorite vintages, the entire crew can take a tour of the basement. There, you’ll see the grapes and crushed and the massive vats that house the aging wine live. There’s tons of fun to be had down there from funny reflections in the big shiny containers to a ramp that acts as a five-year-old’s perfect slide – what more could you want in an Estes Park winery?

Encourage your kids to ask the owners questions about the winemaking process and make your trip to Snowy Peaks a truly educational experience, as well as a delicious one. You may have to come back a few days during your trip to try all of the wines, but the kids won’t complain. Snowy Peaks Winery may just be their favorite spot in Estes Park, Colorado as well.

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Would you take the kiddos to a winery? Do you think this is a good idea for families who travel?

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