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Be Social in Colorado at the Beer Tapping Party

By January 27, 2023One Comment

A modern spin on Cheers, ‘Where everybody knows your name!’ This is the vibe of the new local Boulder, Colorado spot, Boulder Social. With some serious chops in the beer industry, this place breaks all the molds. It’s not a dive bar ad it’s not a restaurant: it’s a social experience in the prime of Boulder. 

boulder social sign colorado

Under the spotlight were these in-house brews:

  • Buffalo Gold – A golden Ale that was mildly malty with a crisp balanced finish
  • Social Mexican-Style Lager – A Mexican Lager that was crisp and light, flaked with corn that gave it a sweet finish
  • Social Hazy IPA – A New England Style IPA, that was light-bodied and dry with tropical solid fruity notes and a juicy hoppy finish
  • Social West Coast IPA – A West Coast IPA, with a caramelly backbone and a citrus aroma finished with a pine resin hoppy taste
  • Social Irish-Style Red Ale – An Irish Red Ale, that was medium-bodied, had a toffee malt flavor and an earthy hop finish
beer flight at boulder social

Rodney, their Brewmaster has more than 20 years of experience. He talked to me about his beers, the process, freshness, and the lack of gluten-free beers on the market. Psst, that last one is because there’s no gluten in gluten free beer, and that amps up the complexity to produce. If you can’t use barley, your choices are often millet or sorghum and both leave the beer lacking. 

For Rodney, the process had a steep learning curve, with brand new equipment and limited time. He was up for the task and these new beers are the fruits of his labor. This first batch was started less than five weeks ago. The average beer can take between 3 and 5 weeks to craft from start to finish.

From there he went on to explain that fresh beer is best consumed pretty quickly after it’s made. These aren’t made to sit in a bottle in the store for months on end. Something new for this beer novice! You can really see how passionate Rodney is about what he does and he seemed right at home being the one-man show in this small setting.  

gluten free dessert at boulder social colorado

Boulder Social also has a full and varied menu with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options clearly noted. I wondered how their beers paired with their food. So, I investigated their menu, read about their beers, and talked with the staff. 

Here are a few suggestions for pairings I conjured: 

  • Social Mexican Style Lager with the Turkey club and fries – The crisp and refreshing Lager helped wash down the delicious and hearty sandwich
  • Social Hazy IPA with their Hot Honey Pizza – the hoppy taste paired really well with the yeasty dough of the pizza and the sweetness from the honey brought out the flavors in the beer. And the spiciness from the hot honey was cooled by the cold beer
  • Buffalo Gold OR Irish Style Red Ale with their Flourless Chocolate Torte – I really wanted something from their dessert menu. Now there are two ways to go here: the Buffalo Gold was light and mild and cut some of the richness from the torte. OR, the Irish Style Red Ale with the earthy hop finish brought out the earthly tones of the chocolate leaving for a decadent finish.
gluten free dessert at boulder social colorado

That’s all for now: I hope you enjoy! Next time you’re in Boulder, you should check out the new Social Spot. Catch a game on one of their big screen TVs and grab a booth with some friends. Or even enjoy their back patio, complete with intimate seating area, fireplace and tent something to be enjoyed any time of the year! 

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