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Best Destinations for Digital Nomads

By March 1, 2021May 19th, 2022One Comment

Most of us are used to working from home these days. Some are frustrated at sharing work space with family members and find themselves longing for the old days back in the office. Others are loving the newfound independence of being able to work from the comfort of home offices, or beds!

Even before 2020 forced the nation into a more work-from-home routine, many professionals were already used to working remotely from various destinations. We like to call this being a “digital nomad.”

PS – interested in working remotely, being a self-employed digital nomad, or a blogger on the road? Have a peek at our complete resource list for aspiring digital nomads

If you’ve found that remote work suits your lifestyle – you’re not missing your hour-long commute or needing to wear business clothing – there’s good news! Working from home will surely outlast the pandemic for many major companies. And for those who will find themselves looking for new jobs, there are plenty of 100% remote gigs out there.

At Pure Wander, we’ve embraced the digital nomad lifestyle for quite a while. We can’t wait until we can travel again to fully appreciate the freedom of remote work!

So now, the question is: how can you maximize your remote work experience? Currently, we don’t recommend international travel, and are encouraging digital nomads to research long-term vacation homes and other domestic getaways for a change in scenery. 


When hopping on a plane becomes safe once again, here are some of the top international destinations to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle:



For those looking to relocate to Spain for work, you’re in luck! The country has a freelance and self-employment visa that makes it possible to relocate for work. The process is a bit easier if you’re from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, but it’s still relatively simple for those further away.

Menorca, Spain is one of the most gorgeous spots we’ve ever visited!

Spain is full of amazing locations for nomads, so the best way to take advantage may be to move around a bit. We love the capital city of Madrid, and the unique blend of a modern and traditional vibe. Luckily, Madrid is also a great spot for freelancers and digital nomads, with a plethora of cafes and co-working spaces.

The Shed Coworking is one of the most popular co-working spaces, due to its welcoming staff and community. Impact Hub Madrid supports international workers with an impressive work space and hosting informational events and programming. There’s also a wonderful partnership between Plázida and Loom House, designed specifically with digital nomads in mind.


Berlin is also quite welcoming to the self-employed, with a residence permit available to those working in art, writing, language, and even fields like engineering and architecture.

This city is ideal for young creatives and history lovers. You’ll find no shortage of museums and galleries, and also may be surprised by the abundance of public parks and lakes. Our romantic road itinerary has even more information on how to experience the culture of Berlin!


Lisbon offers up some pretty great sights…especially from the rooftops!

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is a favorite amongst many American expats who want to enjoy excellent food, culture and views all in one place. Conveniently, the city is also a great place for digital nomads to live and work. 

Coworking spaces like Second Home and RocketHub make it easy to work in a community of like-minded creatives. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Lisbon to foreigners is the reasonable cost of living in a hub of entrepreneurial activity.


If you haven’t been, Bangkok should be on your list of future cities to explore, especially if you’re working as a digital nomad. The city is constantly abuzz – check out our guide to the different neighborhoods and experiences that await you.

Whereas Bangkok has a relatively fast pace to living, nomads who want to slow down and unwind a bit head to Chiang Mai. This mountain city offers countless hostels, coffee houses, trendy bars and cheap street food – in other words, they cater to the young and the hip.

Thailand is known for its welcoming nature to foreigners, and for cultivating a feeling of community through cultural activities. Be sure to do your research before visiting, as you’ll need a special tourist visa.


With the One Year Residential Certificate, self-employed professionals and even college students older than 18 can work in Bermuda. Ans there are plenty of reasons to: in addition to the gorgeous pink sand beaches, Bermuda is known for its high standard of health and relaxing lifestyle. It’s one of the best locations for a nomadic escape.

Reminder: If you don’t live in any of these countries, please put any international travel plans on hold until it is deemed safe.

United States


Hawaii is a favorite amongst digital nomads, and not just for the beautiful beaches of the Aloha State. They offer programs for those looking to relocate and work in Hawaii, including a recent program called Movers and Shakas. Selected members receive free flights to the state and partake in cultural education and networking activities upon arrival.

New York

If you’re okay with a more expensive lifestyle and love the hustle and bustle that comes with major cities, you’ll want to set up shop in New York. Brooklyn is an especially exciting hub of entrepreneurial activity with a cool industrial feel to the neighborhood and access to great cultural spaces. 

If you can’t stand boredom, New York may be just the city for you to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle.

The Bushwick neighborhood is home to the trendy Bat Haus Coworking, and DUMBO offers the ultra-popular The Wing. These two are just a sample of the sleek and aesthetic options in the big city!


Seattle is a great place to be if you’re looking to be in the center of a booming tech-hub. The city is quite vibrant and bright, though the weather may not be! If you’re cool with some rainy and overcast days, Washington could be a great destination for you. 

Of course, as a major city, the rent will be on the more expensive side. Yet if being in a fast-growing city is important to you, Seattle may just be worth it.


For remote workers who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, we have one word for you: Colorado. With awe-inspiring mountains and beautiful sights everywhere you look, it’ll be tough to get tired of working remotely here. 

It’s hard to drive through Colorado without constantly stopping to snap a photo!

Boulder is a great option for those looking for a quaint mountain town with a plethora of hip coffee shops. And, of course, the “Mile High City” of Denver is just within reach of the Rocky Mountains, and has no shortage of fascinating cultural attractions.


Austin, Texas seems to be one of the best cities for young people making their way in the professional world. There are tons of great breweries and restaurants, but these aren’t the biggest pros of Austin. What is? The cost of living!

It’s super cheap to live well in Texas, so it’s no wonder digital nomads often find themselves there. Spacious co-working areas like The Cathedral and The Commune reflect the city’s creative and welcoming vibe.

Are you considering the digital nomad life? Which destination would you choose for remote work?

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