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Parisian Classics: Top Sweets in Paris

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Are your kids not sure what to expect on your thrilling family vacation to Paris, France? All you need to tell them is one thing to get the whole family super excited.


Not only is this city a mecca for all types of culinary fans and top chefs worldwide, Paris pastry geniuses can be found around every corner. Kids can choose from chocolates and berries to flaky crusts and pillow-like meringues no two days will ever be the same when it comes to sweets. If they’re behaving particularly well, maybe you can all eat dessert first! Here are some of the best places to dig into sugary delights close to hotels in Paris with the family.

Carl Marletti

A little out of the way, this gem of a pastry paradise adds a new twist on many classic favorites. Not that kids need any other reason to be sold on éclairs, but the colorful frosting and vibrant hues used in their desserts will definitely seal the deal. Try the salted caramel or pistachio éclairs, topped with nuts and little fun candies.

Ties for French Macarons

We would me amiss if we only mentioned one place for these iconic treats in Paris. French macarons, made with light almond flour cookie wafers filled with jellies or creams, come in a rainbow of flavors and can be enjoyed in shops or to go. Make sure it is made the same day for ultimate freshness! The two top macaron places that are now flagships in Paris are Pierre Hermes for more progressive varieties and Laduree for classics. Other great pastry shops specializing in these particular sweets include Angelina (the hot chocolate place), Gateaux Thoumieux, and Café Pouchkine. Look for flavors everyone can sample, such as white chocolate, passion fruit, raspberry, and of course, chocolate.


This shop is a perfect spot to sit and savor your desserts. They have many standards smothered in hazelnuts, cream, and fresh fruits. However, the real experience is to snag a seat inside the store. If you have a bigger family, go when the shop first opens to ensure there is space. With your desserts, order a big teapot full of hot chocolate, which is more like melted candy bars posing as a decadent drink.

Ice Cream Grand Finale

Kids love pastries, but the dessert that might hit the home run for little ones in Paris can be the ice cream sundae. With hot summers, and mild springs and falls, the city locals are big fans of heaping, homemade creations of sweet, icy treats right along their éclairs, macarons, and fruit tarts. A la mere de familie is a good place to begin for homemade ice cream on a stick, or the Gelati Alberto for flavors like Nutella formed in the shape of flowers. For the ambiance, have a hot tea while the kids chow down on towering strawberry and chocolate sundaes at Berthillon.

After all this eating, be sure to burn off some calories by checking out some of the city’s active pursuits and beautiful landmarks. Enjoy the sweet experience!

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