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Not every trip you take with the kids needs to start with mouse ears and end with a massive headache. There’s so much more to the world then what you can find at the theme park. Not only should kids experience these things, they want to—and the rest of your pack will too!

The biggest challenge parents face when traveling with kids and—even teens—is finding things that every person in the group wants to do. Dad wants to climb a mountain; mom wants to drink wine; the teenager wants to sulk in the sunshine; the kid wants to explore. Group travel takes that a step further—you have to factor in Aunt Sandy, Uncle Hank and their kiddos as well as the grandparents, and eventually you end up with a massive list of interests and activities. We get it. It’s tough. Pure Wander, however, is the perfect place for groups of all sizes to start.

The Memories Childhood Is Made Of

What memories do you have from family vacations when you were a kid? You probably don’t recall every ride you took on a roller coaster or any of the cotton candy you consumed, but you probably remember those specials moments you shared with family members around the campfire. Your kids deserve the same.

Your family vacation opportunities expand when you add members to your group. Let your children get to know their cousins as their explore cities and mountains together. Let them bond with their aunts and uncles over card games, hiking trails and art museums. Their experiences will be even more memorable when all of the people they love are involved.

A Family Vacation Where Everyone’s On Board

Hit the open sea and cruise along on a one-of-a-kind vacation to Nova Scotia. Beaches and oceans are ideal for all sorts of adventure that the kids, although reluctantly, might really enjoy—especially if their favorite uncle is along for the ride. While the waves do hold a certain allure, there are some really fantastic things that you can all do together—like watch baby sea turtles find their way back to the ocean.

Original experiences will really bring the whole group closer together. Have you ever considered a vacation to Scotland? Hawking and archery are just a couple of the things you can learn how to tackle. Just beware of sibling rivalry. (Trust us, ladies: watch your husbands. These rivalries don’t end at 18.)

You can cook together, explore the jungles, and if you’re lucky, even immerse the brood in some culture everywhere from Idaho to Germany.

It’s Time To Start Planning

There are plenty of places to go, things to do, and sights to see. There are even things you can afford to do! (Especially the things that are free, for instance. When you have a big group, free activities are a must.)

Childhood is an amazing time when curious kids can make every little experience an epic undertaking. They may not admit it to you, but teens relish the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their peers by seeing the world, even if the trip is a small one. The experiences you give them now are going to shape who they become as adults. Why not let extended family help? This will create even more experiences for them to partake in.

Here you will find the best family vacation ideas for groups (including kids!) where you can explore the world in a new and meaningful way. Let us help you take your travel plans to new heights. From little getaways to huge adventures, Pure Wander shows you how to make every family vacation a memorable one.