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The Best Accessory Souvenirs for Travelers

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Commemorating the trip and the memories you made is one of the best parts of traveling. Sometimes, you’ll buy a traditional souvenir during your vacation. Other times, you want something after the fact that will remind you of your time spent exploring. If you’re a die-hard traveler, the best souvenirs by far are the practical ones that you can use on your next vacation. From a London skyline necklace and a world map scarf to more outside-the-box ways of remembering vacations, here are some of our favorite souvenir ideas for travelers.

Accessory Souvenirs

Jewelry: A London (or Paris) Skyline Necklace

Jewelry is a traveler’s best friend while on the road. Necklaces, rings and earrings are all excellent ways to elevate your look. They also don’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Better yet, after a trip, personalised jewellery can help commemorate the beautiful places you went to without the added bulk of a new T-shirt or bag. Plus, a dainty necklace lets you to keep the place you’ve been to close to your heart, literally. A London skyline necklace is one of our favorite accessories from one of our favorite cities–but of course, we can’t forget the Paris skyline necklace. Whichever view you prefer, a skyline necklace is a classic travel souvenir.

This London skyline necklace is one of our favorite accessories.

Skyline necklaces are cute accessories to add to your travel-themed wardrobe.

Vintage Posters: London, Sydney, and More

If you’re in need of more London souvenir ideas, we recommend a vintage poster to remind you of the beautiful square mile every time you glance over at your bedroom wall. The bold colors against faded paper provide a great vintage feel to any bedroom color scheme. They are also a great way to add some decoration and nostalgia from your trip to your space. Don’t worry, we’re not too biased toward London–there are also awesome posters of Sydney, San Francisco, Boston and more.

Travel Scarves

Like a London skyline necklace, a travel-themed scarf can be a great way to incorporate the memories from a trip into your everyday wardrobe. Not to mention, scarves are the ultimate cozy companions for a plane ride, and help ensure minimal packing while you’re on the go. If you can’t choose between all of your favorite places–which, would be understandable–treat yourself to a patterned map scarf so you won’t have to decide.

Like a London skyline necklace, a map scarf is an effortlessly fashionable travel souvenir.

This patterned map scarf is a handy way to incorporate a world map into any of your outfits.

Other Ways to Remember a Trip

Little Passports

Of all the ways there are to incorporate travel into everyday life, Little Passports for kids might be our favorite. If you’ve been bit by the travel bug, Little Passports lets you inspire your children with fun travel-related gifts and games. They offer various subscriptions ranging between 10 to 20 dollars a month, each one aimed toward a different age group. From “Early Explorers” to “Science Expeditions,” you’re sent something new for your young one to explore each month. You can also purchase products like plush toys and painting sets.  Want to know more? Check out our full review to see why we love them so much.

Travel Photo Books

Take your travel photos the heck off of Instagram! It’s so much more satisfying to have a physical coffee table book in hand when reminiscing about your adventure. We really love Artsy Couture for their high-end selection and materials. They’ll even help you design a book and put it together. There’s also canvas wrap prints and cards, but the photo books are really special. With the high quality of phone pictures these days, almost anyone can make a nice quality book of their trips.

artsy couture photo book with Greece on cover

Order Wine From Your Trip Online

Not all souvenirs come in the form of a keychain or accessory. Sometimes, what you want to remember most about your vacation was the food or drink. Wine especially can evoke strong memories of a region. Traveled to California recently? If you have, you’re probably missing the wine, especially if you went to Napa Valley. Luckily, you can order some of your favorite blends online so you don’t have to miss out. The California Wine Club brings small, artisan winery products all over the country.

What are some of your favorite accessories? Do you prefer tangible souvenirs or things that make you remember trips? Do you buy souvenirs during a trip or after?

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