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Give and Give Back: Pure Wander’s Annual Gift Guide (with a twist!)

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It’s a time to reevaluate, grow and re-adjust to what’s most important. We’ve loved putting together our guides for years, but after a tumultuous 2021, we want to highlight something new. Priorities are changing, as is our view on holiday presents for loved ones. So we ask you think mindfully about giving this year – including to great causes for positive change and organizations that take care of those in need.

We’re combining a bit of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday all together in one slightly hodgepodge list to inspire you to give selflessly and often!

For family time: KidCo PeaPod Prestige travel tent

If this works, it’ll revolutionize the way or toddler sleeps while traveling. It’s a foldable mini tent-like bed with a detachable mattress, lots of pockets, and zip-up sides. You can avoid lugging a pack-n-play through the airport and save arm strength for the car seat. We definitely are practicing with our little one first as a naptime crash pad, but it’ll be a super portable asset for years once she masters snoozing inside.

To celebrate life: Wines from Livermore Valley Wine Country

Try something new on the holiday table this year with wines from a picturesque California region. Boasting more than 50 wineries, Livermore Valley specializes in chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon varietals. We had the pleasure of trying a few different bottles that ranged in depth and taste, perfect for the wine fan on your gift list.

Our favorite is the somewhat fruity Unoaked Chardonnay from the woman-owned Rosa Fierro Cellars, offering specialty wines from both Livermore and Napa Valley. Another bottle to pickup is the Albarino from Las Positas Vineyards, which brought back fond memories of our trips to Spain.

Sustainable foods: Koita Milk

You don’t have to go full vegan to start making a few small changes towards a more sustainable diet. For instance, Koita Milk is a self-stable, vegan nut milk line that offers Italian sourced ingredients for a full, delicious taste. They specifically make a soy milk that works great for frothing cappuccinos. These chic milks can be paired perfectly with a coffee-themed gift.

Reduce and reuse: STNKY Bags

My go-to carry-on bag is no longer just my headphones and a good book. I now am bringing diapers, snacks, bottles and other things that quickly can get gross and smelly. These STNKY bags are the perfect reusable solution to lock in odors and keep anything wet/smelly away from the clean items. These are also great for damp bathing suits, workout clothes, and used washcloths to be laundered when you’re back home.

Brands that give: Patagonia’s baby snow suits and jackets

The game has changed when it comes to what we wear while traveling. I currently have a one-year-old who is growing out of clothes so fast I can barely keep up.

Patagonia encourages you to recycle and reuse their clothes, and will even repair any damages for free. They have an array of outwear for kids and you can turn in gear for the next season to size up at a discount. Patagonia is also a brand I keep an eye out for on sites like Mercari that sell top of the line brands second and to breathe new life into your wardrobe – sustainably!

Giving Tuesday Ideas

After you’ve got your gifts for friends and family, here are some wonderful initiatives to support for Giving Tuesday, or any time of year!

Brave Trails

A leadership camp that celebrates the outdoors and welcomes LGBTQ youth to embrace nature.

Project HOPE

Working towards alleviating the devastation from natural disasters, Project HOPE assists through funding, training and humanitarian relief for local healthcare workers.

Education for All: Morocco

This boarding school supports young girls through graduation to university in Morocco. We had the pleasure of visiting the school in person and they do wonderful work providing countless opportunities to rural women.

Nathan Hale Veteran Outreach Center

These centers happen to be in Massachusetts, but many towns have centers like these who welcome donations and volunteers.

The Loveland Foundation

Founded by speaker and activist Rachel Cargle, this organization provides supplements therapy to black women and girls.

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