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5 Essential Items No Long-Haul Traveler Should be Without

By June 16, 2019June 17th, 2019No Comments

Heading off on your travels is an exciting time. With so much to plan, arrange and look forward to it’s difficult to know where to begin! Especially when it comes to packing your travel bag. If you have a destination in mind then chances are that that will probably dictate the type of clothing you take with you, the types of footwear your might need and whether you’ll need a winter coat or a pair of stylish sunglasses – for the latest cat eye frames, click the link.

But clothing and technology aside, have you considered what other items you really shouldn’t travel without? There are a few important items that you should always make room for in your suitcase and I’ve gathered a few of them here.

Copies of all your travel documents

Picture this, you’re having the time of your life on a beach, enjoying a drink, getting to know some likeminded travellers until you each for your wallet and realise that everything – including your passport is gone. A sobering thought, but believe it or not, passport theft isn’t unheard of when you’re travelling.

So, it’s always a good idea to take copies of everything with you. This could be a digital copy that you keep on your phone, or one that a family member back home can send to you via email. Or you could have a photocopy in your suitcase. Having copies of everything will make getting replacements at your nearest consulate much easier and it won’t put your journey on hold for too long.

Emergency cash

Like above, if you suddenly find that your wallet and all your cash and cards have gone missing then you’re going to be glad that you remembered some emergency cash. You could keep it on your person, hidden out of sight, or even keep an additional sum in your suitcase. It could be enough to keep you going until you get everything sorted out. And speaking of card theft…

The customer service numbers of all your credit/debit cards

The last thing you want is to be financing a criminal’s spending spree. So, if you have your cards stolen, it’s a small comfort to know that you can freeze them at a moment’s notice. Make sure you have your banks contact details with you so you can do this.

A first aid kit

Having a first aid kit can sound a little pretentious but even the most seasoned traveller swears by it. From sickness and dehydration to cuts and grazes, insect bites to even broken limbs, anything can happen on the road, so it’s comforting to know that if something bad happens, you’re not going to struggle. Having some basic first aid supplies with you is a sensible idea.

Hand sanitizer and wipes

A sweaty, dirty 8 hour bus drive, a toilet with no hand washing facilities and dubious looking cutlery. All these things are the norm on the road, so make sure you’re prepared. The last thing you want is a nasty stomach bug to disrupt your travel plans.

What do you have to bring on every trip? What do you always forget when you travel?

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