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4 Survival Tips For Group Travel to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

By June 24, 2021August 4th, 20212 Comments

Twenty years ago was the last time I had an opportunity to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom – I was 9 years old. Everything was so big and magical and fun! Throughout the years I’ve traveled to a few places I find to be more exciting – like Puerto Rico and Alaska and Egypt and Colorado, for example – but I always knew the day would come when I would bring my kids to enjoy the Disney experience. To be honest, I was dreading it, but my family came along so we could all enjoy it together.

Here’s what you need to know about group travel to Disney’s Magic Kingdom:

1. There’s really something for all ages

Going back to Disney as an adult seemed like a challenge for me, but I quickly found myself reminiscing about all the parts of the park I adored as a child. Now there’s even more to love, from rides to picturesque villages you pass that will easily keep everyone entertained.

My 18-month old wanted to dance all day at the Incredible’s dance party in Tomorrowland. My stepmom wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. My 6-year-old wanted to do Splash Mountain over and over and over. My niece was dying to go on the Ariel ride. My dad just wanted to find somewhere they served beer before dinner.

You can really find some kind of activity for each member of the group regardless of age or gender. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure everyone gets to do what appeals to them most.

2. You can’t please everyone…so don’t try!


Because there is so much to do, it’s incredibly difficult to fit everything in; Disney parks weren’t meant to be seen all in one day. Especially if you’re traveling with kids – but don’t kid yourself, it’s an issue with adults too – someone is bound to get their feelings hurt if they feel like they’re missing out.

It’s ok to split up and rendezvous at a central location later. As much as the time spent as a group is invaluable, the time spent apart may help you make the most of your Disney experience.

3. If you’ve got a “coordinator” in your group, make sure he’s a communicator

If you can manage to tackle Magic Kingdom as a group, you should. Kids and adults alike will enjoy having someone to wait in line with, ride the rides with and reminisce with after the day is done. If you’ve got someone in your group who wants to coordinate your day by scheduling fast passes, making meal reservations, and creating a road map for your experience, let him. Just make sure he asks everyone what they want to do before setting the plan in stone.

Having a plan for moving through the park is a great idea, especially when you’ve got many people to please – just make sure all of those people get a voice so you don’t see a break in ranks when some group members NEED to go on Space Mountain but others are scared they’ll miss their character breakfast.


4. Don’t be afraid to take things slow

Like I said before, Disney parks can’t be done in one day – not well, at least. Spend a few days and take your time so every person in the group can enjoy the things that are most important to them. Do some park hopping. Eat the eats. (There’s some seriously scrumptious food at some of the Disney dining facilities. Be sure to make a reservation.) Check out all the wares in the shops, and make sure you leave with some well-deserved Disney swag.

There’s really no reason to rush, and the group should have the chance to relish all the magical moments together.

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