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5 Cities for Family Travel – AND Romance

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Traveling with your family and sneaking off for a little love can go hand in hand. It’s best to plan trips and adventures to ensure everyone is having a blast – as this excursion is for both you and the kids. So where should you roam in the world that offers great attractions and scenery for the little ones, as well as plenty of adult options for you and your loved one to have a special evening or two? This does not have to happen on a special holiday either – you can plan time to steal away whenever you wish! It keeps everyone sane, happy and satisfied, making a vacation or trip abroad worthwhile. Here are five fantastic cities for family travel and romance.


Seville, Spain

Steeped in history, this sunny and savory southern city is the best of both worlds for families. There’s a plethora of open spaces for kids to get out and run – like gorgeous Plaza de Espana or green Parque de Maria Lusia. When the sun goes down, score a sitter and catch a live, free flamenco show at the Carboneria in the Barrio de Santa Cruz while sipping sangria with your beau.

Cities for Family Travel


San Francisco, California (USA)

West Coast excitement is for everyone, especially in the city by the bay. Skip noisy L.A. and venture though this place instead, complete with Segway tours, chocolate factories to tour at Ghirardelli and the nearby Jelly Belly complex. Adults will delight in all the fresh seafood they can dig into alongside the kids ordering chicken fingers – and the shopping is to die for, especially hand-in-hand.


Angers, France

Paris is for lovers and is a classic to visit while on a getaway. But France in general is beautiful, especially in the spring and summer. Make plans to visit Angers, which is home to striking castles to explore and elegant chateaus. Feel free to stay in one of these, like the Chateau du Pin, and have the kids enjoy their own separate room. You and your love can cozy up, imbibe in a local bottle of red wine and enjoy some fresh pastries from the market.


Miami, Florida (USA)

It’s a little flashy and totally thrilling to spend time in this coastal city. Art deco style seems to be made for children, with bright, jazzy colors and neon around every corner. Hit the beach with the children in tow and then spend your evenings dancing or checking out a local Cuban-inspired club.


Taipei, Taiwan

This is the wild card, making for a wild excursion. Step into another world for incredible food, moped tours and wacky museums the kids will love. Hiking inland at Taroko National Park or along the coastlines is also invigorating for the whole family. While in Taroko, stay at the resort nestled in the mountains for some luxurious spa treatments, like a sensuous couple’s massage worth stealing away for.


Cities for Family Travel Taipei Taiwan


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